List of Top 30 Movies for INTP Types

INTP’s do really love to watch movies and TV Shows. However, there are certain shows that are tailored just for the INTP types. According to the description of these personality types, these individuals love to theorize and take in lots of logical information. They love things that involve logic and are quite uneasy with the emotional aspects of things. They also apply the same preference to their entertainment needs.

Types of Movies that INTP Love to Watch

INTP’s are logical beings, and that is why they love movies revolving around science and technology. They also tend to lean more towards abstract concept movies like Inception. They love a good mental challenge and prefer to watch shows that involve a certain amount of thinking in order to come up with many possibilties. Such types of movies tend to spark their interests. But that does not mean that they are only fans of scifi movies. They also like to watch movies that have a deeper meaning and at the same time respect the boundaries of emotional turbulence. Let us look at a list of top 30 such movies that no INTP should miss.

INTP Cognitive Functions and Movie Interests

INTP’s have dominant introverted thinking, hence they prefer movies that force them with a good amount of information so that they can sit back and theorize about it. This is the reason why they always search for the more mentally challenging stories in their movies.

Their second function called extroverted intuition is all about finding out multiple possibilities out of a set of given data. Considering that, there are a lot of movies that involve choices of characters that affect the story. Hence INTP’s really enjoy suspense-filled stories.

Their third function introverted sensing deals with factual and new information. So they always prefer to watch shows that give them enough information to be able to predict the next scenarios

Their inferior function is extraverted feeling, and this is the reason why they don’t love to watch romantic and dramatic movies. They have a hard time understanding such type of movies, though they might try to watch a few of them. Emotional movies are always their last option.

Top 30 Movies for the INTP Personality Types

Hollywood Movies – Top 30

Sr. NoMovie Name
1Men In Black
3Alien: Covenant
4Doctor Strange
5The Amazing Spider-man
6Captain America: Civil War
7Rise of the Planet of the Apes
9The Matrix Trilogy
10Captain America: The Winter Soldier
11Harry Potter (All Parts)
12Contagion (2011)
13Venom (2018)
14The Shawshank Redemption
16Avengers: Endgame
17Exam (2009)
18Avengers: Age of Ultron
19Journey to the Centre of the Earth
21Independence Day
22Thor: Ragnarok
23Life of Pi
24The Suicide Squad
25The Predator (2018)
27The Karate Kid (2010)
30In the Shadow of the Moon
This table contains a list of some amazing movies that INTP’s should definitely watch atleast once.

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