The MBTI® Types of Blue Period Characters

“Blue Period” is a critically acclaimed manga series that has captured the hearts of anime and manga fans around the globe. Recently, it has been adapted into an anime series, with 13 episodes currently airing, that has been met with high praise for its faithful adaptation of the source material.

The story centres around Yatora Yaguchi, a high school student who, while enjoying time with his friends, feels lost and alone. He is plagued by a sense of uncertainty about his future goals and feels as if he is wasting his time pleasing others rather than finding his own path. But as the series progresses, Yatora discovers his true passion for art, something that ignites his curiosity and interest. Determined to pursue his passion, Yatora decides to take up art training in order to crack the entrance exam for the prestigious Tokyo University of Arts. This journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of his passion forms the core of this coming-of-age story that resonates with many readers.

“Blue Period” may be classified as a shonen anime, but it stands out from the crowd through its unique world setting and character development. The anime has garnered widespread popularity and is considered a personal favourite by many fans. Today, let’s delve into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types of the characters from this anime.

Blue Period Characters & their MBTI Types

yatora yaguchi mbti

Yatora Yaguchi (ESFJ)

Yatora is the central figure of the anime and manga “Blue Period.” Though sociable and friendly, he struggles with self-doubt and insecurity when it comes to his artistic abilities and decisions. Despite this, Yatora is a diligent and dedicated student who is highly respected by his peers and teachers in the art club and school. He is known for his strong sense of responsibility and his willingness to go the extra mile to help others.

As an ESFJ personality, Yatora places a strong emphasis on harmony and values the opinions of others. He is a people-pleaser, who wants to make others happy and goes out of his way to help others. He is also a sensitive and empathetic person who is able to understand and relate to the emotions and struggles of others. He is able to balance his own passion with the needs of others and is able to navigate through conflicts with diplomacy and tact.

masako saeki mbti

Masako Saeki (ESFJ)

Communicative yet soft-spoken, Mrs Saeki is one good teacher, always supporting her students and trying to improve their skills. As a result, she always gets tons of respect from her fellow students. She is very calm and collected, even while discussing some of the most abstract and difficult concepts in art in front of her students. She is also somewhat mysterious and aloof to some extent, so it’s understandable why people consider her introverted, even though she isn’t.

As the series progresses, it is revealed that Miss Saeki has a deep connection to the protagonist, Yatora. She serves as a mentor and guide for him, helping him to navigate the challenges of growing up and finding his own path in life. Her personality best describes an ESFJ.

ryuji ayukawa mbti

Ryuji Ayukawa (ISFP)

Ryuji has quite a dominant personality but still prefers to remain silent most of the time. ISFP is the closest personality type he resembles. He loves to have a genuine bond with good people who trust and believe in him. Also tends to get angry and disturbed quite easily. He is not afraid to speak his mind and can come across as quite blunt and direct at times.

Ryuji is also portrayed as someone who is quite passionate and enthusiastic about life. He is always looking for new adventures and experiences and is not afraid to push the boundaries and take risks. He is also quite independent and self-reliant and is not afraid to take the lead and make it, which makes him resemble the ISFP type.

maru mori mbti

Maru Mori (ISFJ)

Maru Mori is a very supportive and nurturing person, and she serves as a source of comfort and encouragement for Yatora throughout the series.

She embodies the ISFJ personality type and possesses the rare ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, despite being an introvert, thanks to her exceptional empathetic skills.

Maru is a very good artist and has her own style of painting, with more emphasis on spirituality as her core identity in her artworks.

mayu ooba mbti

Mayu Ooba (ENTP)

Mrs Ooba is an exceptional educator who excels in creating a positive and supportive classroom environment. Her ability to foster a sense of community among her students is truly remarkable. Though she may not be the most technically skilled teacher, her ability to provide constructive criticism in a straightforward and honest manner makes her an invaluable asset to her student’s artistic growth.

In terms of personality type, she closely resembles an ENTP in her approach to teaching, as she is both enthusiastic and innovative. She is passionate about teaching and is particularly drawn to students who are eager to push beyond their own boundaries and explore new artistic horizons. Overall, Mrs Ooba’s dedication to her students’ growth and well-being is truly admirable.

yotasuke takahashi mbti

Yotasuke Takahashi (INTP)

Yotasuke is a very introverted and reserved person, who prefers to keep to himself and avoid social interactions. He is also quite sensitive and can be easily hurt by the actions and words of others. He is also quite private and keeps many aspects of his life hidden from others.

But on the flip side, he is well-versed in various sketching techniques, thereby making him a sort of “talented” artist. He is also quite resourceful and is able to think on his feet to come up with creative solutions to problems. His logical mind and reserved personality best describes him as an INTP.

maki kuwana isfp

Maki Kuwana (ISFP)

Kuwana Maki is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing characters in this series. Despite being an introverted personality, Maki is a charismatic and cheerful girl who is social and likes to make bonds with others.

Nobody can deny the fact that Kuwana has a kind of “mysterious” aura in her personality. She is a very good artist with a unique art style. She is often seen bumping into Yatora while creating her drawings.

haruka hashida entp

Haruka Hashida (ENTP)

Haruka’s face itself screams ENTP. He is kind of an awkward guy with a very sarcastic way of speaking. His personality is reflected in the way he dresses, and he also has long braided ponytails.

utashima mbti

Utashima (ESFP)

Utashima is one of Yatora’s best friends, always trying to socialize with Yatora and the other two guys. He is quite extroverted and is always seen teasing Yatora in a friendly way.

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