BTS Group and their MBTI Personality Types

Over the past few years, BTS has absolutely dominated the K-Pop industry. This septet group is now visible and famous all ovr the world, thanks to their record-breaking performances and dancing skills. However, despite each of them being skilled at different aspects, the reason why they are capable of pulling through some crazy dances is their sheer teamwork. They are very good at understanding each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Each of them has their own distinct personalities, and that is just one of the most important things to consider before creating a group. Their personalities helps them to support each other using their unique individual personality traits. Let us look at MBTI Personality types of these BTS Members.

MBTI Types of BTS Group Members

Jin (INTP)

jin personality type

Jin is claimed to be an INTP, a logical person. Besides this, other members think of him as a workaholic, always trying to improvise and theorize on ways they can improve their performances. As a person, he is quite helpful and mindful of others, indicating his healthy side of INTP. The biggest reason why people have tagged him as INTP is because he is smart and analytical, which gives him an edge over others in majority of games.

Jungkook (ISFP)

Jungkook personality type

ISFP’s, despite being introverts, have a good ability to effectively communicate with others and project a positive aura around them. They love freedom and expression, and this perfectly matches the personality of Jungkook. People claim that he is a very calm guy. Happy ISFP always tends to look very friendly, and Jungkook also looks like a friendly guy, always smiling and encouraging his fans.

Suga (INTJ)

Suga personality type

Suga is quite an introverted guy, and people mistakenly judge him as a rude person, however he is quite caring and understanding. Just like Jin, Suga is also a workaholic, maybe even more than him as he is always seen to be working for long hours in the studio.

J-Hope (ESFJ)

J-Hope personality type

ESFJ’s are very friendly people, always looking out for others and trying to please others or make them comfortable in the environment. They also tend to be one of the most positive personalities that I have ever seen. J-Hope is funny and interesting as a person, and you will never get bored of his videos. He puts a lot of creativity into his dance moves.


RM personality type

RM is the guy that does the majority of writing works for the group. He is a particularly shy yet responsible individual. Self improvement is one of the hallmarks of INFJ’s and same is the case with RM as well. Initially he was criticized a lot while joining the BTS. However, soon he constantly improved his works and now he is one of the most famous K-Pop idols.

Jimin (ENFJ)

jimin personality type

ENFJ’s are the protagonist personalities, they tend to be good leaders and teachers. This is because they always look after others and try to create a balance. Jimin loves his teammates and can possibly do anything for their well-being. He loves shopping, traveling and hanging out with the BTS members. His personality perfectly matches that of an ENFJ.

Kim Taehyung V (ENFP)

kim taehyung personality type

Kim is the friendliest member of BTS and he is definitely quite extroverted. He also has a great sense of fashion and loves shopping and traveling to different places. He is never shy in front of his fans and enjoys with them a lot during fan fests and events.

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