Naruto: Every Character with Flaming Red Hairs

Red is a strong, expressive and bold colour. This is also the reason why the majority of anime characters with red hair tend to be aggressive and straightforward in their personalities. There are various hues and types of red colour, from being one of the bright ones to dull and monotonous ones. Some characters have shiny red hair with multiple levels of brightness, whereas some characters have matte plain red coloured hair.

When it comes to animes, artists never fail to impress us with the crazy amount of creativity they put into designing and animating hair. Hairs also represent the personality of a character to a great extent and they usually change whenever there is a drastic change in the character’s personality. Red is also one of the favourite colours for anyone in real life. People usually prefer to dye their hair either red or blue because these two colours look attractive on almost any face.

So without further ado, let us look at the full list of red-haired characters, specifically from the naruto series.

Common Traits of Red-Haired Characters

  1. They are spontaneous and quick – Their personality is basically very steadfast so they do not entertain any kind of foolishness. They are pretty straightforward with people and dislike those who fool around or joke too often.
  2. They get angry very easily – It is easy for them to get angry hence it’s best to not talk absurd things in front of them. They have zero tolerance for nonsense and weak people.
  3. They never back down and always fight for justice – They might sometime go to great lengths in order to protect something. Hence they always fight, and they fight for a good cause.
  4. They are goal-oriented but can be annoying at times – They focus very clearly on their goals and sometimes others may not be able to keep up with their determination and discipline. This quality makes them kind of intimidating.
  5. They are really one of the most risk-taker characters – These characters believe that taking risks will only change the scenario.
  6. They are mostly lone-wolfs – They are often seen to have less friends.

List of All Naruto Characters with Red Hair

1. Honoka

honoka hair color

2. Nagato

nagato hair color

3. Kushina

kushina hair color

4. Gaara

gaara hair color

5. Karin

karin hair color

6. Choza

choza hair color

7. Sasori

sasori hair color

8. Ameyuri

ameyuri hair color

9. Tayuya

tayuya hair color

10. Sara

sara hair color

11. Amaru

amaru hair color

12. Fuso

fuso hair color

13. Karui

karui hair color

14. Mito

mito hair color

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