The MBTI® Types of Big Hero 6 Characters

Big Hero 6 has been a hit animated sci-fi movie. The story revolves around a young prodigy boy Hiro Hamada, who has good knowledge and interest in robotics. From bot-fighting to creating one of the most useful bots in the world, microbots, we see the story of how these microbots can be a boon and a bane for society at the same time.

Every character from big hero 6 is quite interesting. Their personalities are quite unique from each other. Let us look at the MBTI of these characters.

Big Hero 6 Characters MBTI

1. Hiro Hamada (INTP)

hiro hamada personality type

Hiro is the main protagonist and he is easily mistaken for being an ENTP. However, he is definitely introverted, as we can see from his reaction on stage when he tried to explain about the microbots. He loves to experiment with science and all robotic stuff and he is also quite competitive when it comes to bot fights. He cares a lot about his friends and family. He is the prodigy child in the movie.

2. Tadashi Hamada (INFJ)

tadashi hamada personality type

He is the big brother of our main character. His personality is cool and calm. He invented baymax so he could save and serve people. He is a very cheerful and supportive guy. He is always up to help others in need.

3. Baymax (ISFJ)

baymax personality type

Baymax is a cute, supportive and caring robot. He also has all the ISFJ qualities. Baymax was programmed to save the lives of people or improve their quality of life by looking after their health. He is probably the best healthcare companion you will ever see. The only downside to him is that he is very slow at doing certain tasks.

4. Aunt Cass (ENFP)

Aunt Cass has a child-like attitude and behaviour over a lot of things, this also makes her look quite younger than her actual age. She is a fun-loving lady and never misses to entertain others. She is often found cracking jokes every now and then. She loves to party too. She cares a lot about her family and close ones. She is a weight-loss freak, however, can’t resist pastries.

5. Fred (ENFP)

fred personality type

Again an ENFP from the same movie. Fred loves science but he is not as brainy as the rest of his teammates. He loves to entertain others. Jokes around often.

6. Honey Lemon (ESFJ)

honey lemon personality type

She loves to hang out with the others and is often seen talking very politely and gracefully.

7. Go Go Tomago (ISTP)

gogo tomago personality type

Go Go is a tomboyish, bold character from the movie. She has a tough personality and is often seen chewing gum. She is very focused when she is working. She tends to avoid chitchat and unnecessary communication, thereby adding her to the ISTP personality type category.

8. Robert Callaghan (INTJ)

robert callaghan personality type

He loves to invent futuristic gadgets and love people who add value to his researches. He is a simple guy, dedicated to his work.

9. Wasabi (ISTJ)

wasabi personality type

Wasabi definitely is an ISTJ because of the fact that he follows traffic rules so rigorously, even during a deadly villain chase. He simply loves structure in his life and thoughts.

10. Alistair Krei (ESTJ)

alistair krei personality type

He is a business-oriented guy dealing in sales/purchase of some top-notch futuristic gadgets and technologies. He owns a research centre which experiments with time travel.

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