“Demon Slayer” anime-themed airplane is set to soar next year

Nippon airlines had been clearly got influenced by one of the most brilliantly executed anime series “Demon Slayer” which is famous not only in Japan, but all throughout the world. The company has collaborated with Demon Slayer and intends to fly a complete “Demon Slayer” themed/painted airplane, starting next year late January on all the domestic routes available exclusively in Japan.

As of now, we have information about one of the themed airplanes, along with photos. We can clearly see all the main characters like Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko and Inosuke along with the original Demon Slayer anime logo. In-flight features and facilities that this airplane will provide will definitely amaze you.

 B767-300ER (aircraft number: JA616A)

According to the official sources, it is decided that starting December 1, passengers will be served drinks in Demon Slayer designed cups. On top of that, exclusive paper cups & toys will be available for purchase, on-flight, especially for children. You can also watch all the episodes of the Demon Slayer anime inside the flight as it will be screened for you on the flight itself, along with all the 5 original soundtracks + orchestra concert. All the flight announcements will be done by the demon slayer character voices too.

On this occasion, Junko Yazawa, the senior vice-president of customer experience management and planning released a statement expressing his gratitude and excitement towards the series.

“We are excited to partner with Demon Slayer to generate excitement and share Japanese culture with a wider audience”

Junko Yazawa

The partnership is being done in order to promote the Demon Slayer anime’s second season, which was released last month.

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