17 Levi Ackerman Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

No anime fan can deny that Levi Ackerman is one of the best anime characters out there. He has been continuously creating some constructive impact on the storyline of Attack on Titan so far. It is quite easy to explain his personality from the top, but he is definitely a highly complicated character. Even after 4 seasons, I am unsure about the true personality of Levi. Even though the story has covered a lot of his development, we still need a lot of information to know him.

During these 4 seasons, fans have captured a lot of details about him. So what are the Levi Ackerman facts? Let us look at such 40+ impressive facts about the one-man show “Levi Ackerman”.

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List of 17 Levi Ackerman Facts from Attack On Titan Anime Series

1. His personality type is ISTP

Levi is an ISTP because of his introverted nature and incredible manoeuvre gear skills. ISTP’s tend to be experts when it comes to tools and all. On top of that, his stoic nature also explains certain ISTP tendencies.

levi ackerman facts

2. He suffers from insomnia

With a job with such high stakes, the Scout regiment members are bound to sleep only for 2 hours. They need to be alert and always ready to slay titans that breach the walls, and even during the night. This basically tells us why Levi might suffer from insomnia due to a constant lack of sleep.

3. His mother was a prostitute

If you remember the backstory of Levi in the third season, you might be familiar with this fact. Levi’s mother was a slave and prostitute.

4. His combat abilities are the best in the series

Not a single character is skilled enough to beat Levi. Even the toughest of titans fear him when he draws his swords. Levi is a machine and a human Beyblade. His movements are faster than your eye movements. He trained so hard that he actually became an overpowered character in terms of fighting skills.

5. His birthday is on Christmas day

Levi’s birthday falls on 25th December.

levi ackerman facts

6. He holds tea cup in awkward way

Levi is a fan of tea, but you will always see him holding his teacup not at the handle, but at the rim. It is said that Levi once dropped a teacup and wasted the expensive tea because the handle broke. From then, Levi makes sure not to trust the handle!

7. He is insecure about his height

Levi’s height is 5 feet and 3 inches. He is sometimes jealous of others height, as seen in season 4 when he mocked Connie for how quickly he grew.

8. He hates Killing

Levi hates to kill titans as he knows they were once humans. Deep inside, he values humanity.

9. Historia punched him

So far, Historia is the only character that actually punched Levi. Surprisingly, he just smiled. He was happy that she got to become the queen. She deserved it right from the beginning.

10. He used to be a thief

Levi was a thief because of the influence and upbringing of Kenny the Ripper. He was also a criminal and killed many people when he was just a kid.

levi ackerman facts

11. Military used to hate him

Survey cops soldiers hated Levi because he lived in the undergrounds and slums. But after joining the survey corps, he displayed his incredible skills and strength after which, he gained respect as he became humanity’s strongest soldier.

12. He is obsessed with cleanliness

Levi hates if something is not clean. He likes cleanliness and never misses a spot and also expects the same from others. He once scolded Eren for not cleaning the house properly as the dust was visible.

13. He looks younger than his actual age

Levi looks like he is a mid-20 guy, but actually, he is well above 30 years. This was confirmed by Hajime Isayama himself.

14. He is an angry man

Despite having respect for humanity, he becomes very angry when somebody crosses the line. He makes sure to punish the person for his/her mistakes. Levi nearly killed Eren when he was deliberately kicking his face in the court in front of the judge.

15. He decided to suicide

When he was living a life of poverty in the slums, people were mistreating him. So he thought of killing himself. Luckily he was saved by Kenny who decided to raise him.

16. He hates Zeke the most

Levi is probably not going to forgive Zeke for what he did. He injured the innocent and killed many of his soldiers. If Zeke’s survival was not important, Levi would have already killed him.

17. He is the most voted character from Attack on Titan

Levi ranks first out of all the characters from the Attack on Titan series. This is according to the character polls taken by anime fans.

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