Top 12 Anime Characters with ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ is an extroverted personality type. These people are people-oriented and love to work towards a greater cause. They are best known for their warm and caring nature. This is why they are skilled at encouraging and uplifting others.

According to the new data released by, ENFJ accounts for only 2.2% of the entire human population, making them the second-rarest personality type on earth. Because they are adept at working with people, they appear as natural leaders and excelled teammates. We realize all these qualities in ENFJ anime characters too.

ENFJs in anime appear as “protagonists” most of the time. Hence, it might also be the reason why they are called the “Protagonist” types. In the presence of ENFJ, things seem to work better, because they can assess the holistic view of the situation and are capable of finding a solution quickly. Before we move forward with the list of the top 12 ENFJ anime characters, let us look at some traits of ENFJs in a nutshell.

Traits of ENFJ’s

  1. They are energetic and goal-driven.
  2. Because of their social skills, they have a wide group of friends.
  3. They are empathic and understand the needs of others.
  4. Focus on the full picture of a situation.
  5. They never miss the chance to hang out or party.

Are you an ENFJ type? If yes, you will love to read this list because it contains all the popular ENFJ characters from anime as you can relate to their personality and compare it with yours to find out the similarities and differences. So without any further delay, let us proceed with the top 12 anime characters who are ENFJ.

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List of Top 12 ENFJ Anime Characters

12. Minato Namikaze (Naruto)

minato namikaze personality type

Minato was the fourth Hokage in the Naruto series. On top of that, he was famous all over the world. Minato is thoughtful of his actions and always thinks twice before doing anything. His emotional intelligence is superb. He forgives others for their mistakes. Minato is well aware of the terror and violence in the village, and always thinks in a sensible way to solve them. He even tends to respect his opponents.

In terms of abilities, he is one of the strongest Shinobis. His trademark fighting style involves attacking the opponents quickly using teleportation, rather than the time-consuming seal techniques. Minato’s Ne guides him to take up leadership roles and responsibilities. His leadership style is efficient which proves to be effective in battles.

11. Toshinori Yagi (My Hero Academia)

toshinori yagi personality type

Toshinori’s personality is similar to American superheroes, optimistic and confident. He believes in saving people and fights for the sake of justice. He also loves to encourage others. Many times, Toshinori is capable of understanding the potential of his students. He is always shown smiling while in his superhero form.

In his non-hero form, Toshinori is a weak individual, however the core belief and ideals remain the same. He is a trustworthy leader, and most of the other heroes look up to him as an ideal person. Tioshinori had always wanted to become a “Pillar of Hope” and this is why he hesitates to show his weaker side in front of others. He had suffered a lot of physical injuries in battles against the villains, but he has never opted to surrender because he believes in giving 100% when things appear problematic. Because of dominant Fe, his communication is effective and impactful. He is skilled at teaching and guiding his students in the best way possible.

10. Sawamura Daichi (Haikyuu!)

sawamura daichi personality type

He is the captain of Karasuno team in Haikyuu anime series. He has good leadership skills and always cares about his teammates, though at some points, he can be very strict. Daichi is an independent player, always seen covering the center of the court and receiving the strongest spikes. He is also a good cheerleader and always lifts up the morale of the entire team whenever they feel defeated or nervous.

Daichi’s strongest skillset is receiving. Nishinoya is the best receiver, and Daichi is the second best. His intuition in the game is very strong, as he was capable of understanding the loopholes in the opponents team as well as the shortcomings of his own team. Daichi believes in teamwork in order to achieve goals. He always believes in improving the overall strength of the team, rather than thinking about improving a single player.

9. Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

isabella personality type

Isabella is the Mom of Grace Field House, taking care of all the orphans. She would generally show her soft, caring nature in front of her children. Isabella had been very perspective of every child inside the grace field house, and she knows all their strengths and weaknesses.

She is a dedicated woman, who uses her brain to achieve her goals. With her quick senses, she was able to decode the escape plans of Ray, Emma and Norman and had always been one step ahead of them. When serious, she can be more ruthless and dangerous. Intelligent and cunning, Isabella is one of the most unique antagonist characters in anime I have ever seen.

8. Jonathan Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

jonathan joestar personality type

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a very famous anime known for its good story and striking characters. Jonathan Joestar is the protagonist of Phantom Blood. His personality is explosive, always having the drive to be the best. He always puts his family and friends as a means to get the confidence required to push forward in life. Jonathan always does everything with full commitment. All these qualities of him matches with ENFJ’s.

His attitude is optimistic. Despite being strong, he appears truly gentle and caring. His high intuition helps him to strategize his fights, considering the environment and the strengths/weaknesses of his opponents.

7. Tooru Ishikawa (Horimiya)

tooru ishikawa personality type

Ishikawa is a supporting character from the Horimiya anime series. He is known as one of the most easily angered anime characters out there. With a sporty look, wearing a wristband on both of his hands, it is easy to confuse him as an ESTP. However, note that Ishikawa has clearly shown high Fe tendencies while interacting with his friends.

Ishikawa is an extroverted character, who is well aware of the feelings of his friends. This puts him into the ENFJ category. Because of the anime’s popularity, this character has really become quite famous in the anime community.

6. Willy Tybur (Attack on Titan)

willy tybur personality type

Willy is the Eldian noble who resided in Marley. He is a true diplomatic person. We all know how tactfully he was able to control Marley. Impactful expressions are visible whenever he is having a conversation or giving a speech. His high Fe was clearly visible when he was able to touch the hearts of the Marleyan people using just his words and influence. He is an extremely charismatic character. He never tried to interfere with Marley’s military decisions because he was aware of the torture that Marleyans had to accept during the Eldian Reign.

In a nutshell, he appeared as a considerate noble king who always thought about his people and their lives first. In an attempt to reduce the pain and sufferings of the Marleyan, he devised a plan to eradicate the Eldians and declare a war against them. He also didn’t hesitate to reveal his shady truth behind working with the Marleyans.

5. Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

tanjiro personality type

Tanjiro is definitely an ENFJ anime character as we look at his empathy qualities and love for his friends and family. He is a good guy who is always up to help the weak people. He also has empathy for demons. Demons are humans only. They are only killing and devouring the people in order to survive and gain strength. Tanjiro believes that demons also have family, values and emotions.

Tanjiro is justice driven and cannot tolerate lies and deception. He is always alert of his environments while battling, and his sword skills are impressive. Tanjiro believes in pushing himself and doing hard work. By applying a bit more effort, he intends to save more and more people, though it takes a toll on his body. With High Fe, Tanjiro stands as the 5th most popular ENFJ typed character in animes.

4. Emma (The Promised Neverland)

emma personality type

Emma is one of the protagonists from the promised neverland series. From the start of the series, we see her emotional and affectionate side. She looks after all the Grace Field children. She regularly plays with them and she becomes a favourite of them. Emma is a “family-first” girl who will never betray or leave his friends from the Grace Field house. She believes in taking risks to give the children the best life possible.

Emma is probably the only character able to challenge Isabella the Mom, face-to-face. Even when things seemed dim and impossible, she used her teamwork skills and influence to train the children and help them escape the house. Because of dominant Fe, she was able to make a pretty large team by gaining the trust of the children. She is an excellent leader and a skilled individual who believes in giving her 100% in order to achieve the greater goal – Freedom.

3. Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!)

oikawa tooru personality type

Oikawa is the team captain of Aoba Johsai who is exceptionally skilled at serving the ball in the volleyball game. He is extroverted and talks to everyone. He is even seen taunting the introverted characters in the series. Oikawa is cheerful and playful person from outside, but from within, he is a very dedicated individual. I consider him as the best character from the series, because he is very hard-working and supportive.

Oikawa believes that to improve the strength of the overall team, every player needs the motivation and training and they can definitely achieve that. He brings out the best of every player and knows how to display their skills on the court and at the right time. Deep inside, he knows that he may not be able to beat the talented players, but his consistency has brought him a long way. His play style shows the kind of training he endured.

2. Kyojuro Renguko (Demon Slayer)

kyojuro rengoku personality type

After the release of the Demon Slayer Mugen Train anime movie, this character has become very famous. However, he was already famous for the manga readers long back. Kyojuro is a charismatic, confident and optimistic character from Demon Slayer. He is also claimed to be the best Hashira from the anime, acknowledged by other Hashira’s themselves. Rengoku has a pure heart and is always ready to fight the demons. He believed that people who are strong have a duty to protect those who are weak.

Rengoku loves his family the most. He believes hard work never goes in vain. In battles, he is tactical and can also opt to self-sacrifice if things become problematical. His intuition helps him analyze the potential of others. He himself is known as one of the best fighters, with excellent command on his fire breathing technique and sword-fighting. With all that being said, Rengoku is the second best ENFJ anime character.

1. Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Howl’s Moving Castle)

howls personality type

Howl is the main character from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. In the beginning of the story, he was considered quite a selfish man. However, as the story progressed, we started observing the intelligent side of him. Overall, his personality is caring and forgiving. He is always considered a “charismatic” character. His appearance and clothing are costly, as he believes to always portray himself as “rich”.

Despite having a confident and aggressive personality, there is a dark side of his personality that is always running away from responsibilities. This quality gives depth to his overall character. This character is the most voted out of all the characters in this list and hence secures the first position. Howl is the most popular ENFJ character from animes.

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