The MBTI Types of Platinum End Characters

Platinum End is an ongoing shonen anime focused on the concept of angels and humans getting a chance to become a god by participating in a contest. There are 13 angels who select 13 humans as god candidates for this purpose. Our protagonist, Mirai, is a depressed guy who was also surprisingly selected as a god candidate by an angel named Nasse, a special rank angel. We get to see how humans use these angelic powers (red arrows and white arrows) to their advantage.

There are so many interesting characters in this series having unique personalities. Let us dive deeper into their personalities to understand more about them from the Myers-Briggs perspective.

Platinum End Characters and their MBTI Types

mirai kakehashi personality type

Mirai Kakehashi

Mirai is our protagonist. Initially, he appeared as a depressed and sad individual who almost certainly tried suicide. He is a feeler and always believes in attaining true happiness rather than hurting others. Mirai has no intention to become a god because he hates the idea of ruling over others.

nasse personality type


Nasse is an angel, and her personality is cheerful, supportive and understanding. She is devoted to Mirai and never hesitated to advice him to kill those who bothered him, indicating her carefree attitude. She also tends to praise and motivate our protagonist from time to time. She just wants Mirai to be happy.

rubel  personality type


Revel appeared as a dangerous angel, however gradually we started seeing his soft and caring side when he decided to team up with Mirai and Nasse. She is devoted to Saki and always wanted to give her wings, but could not, due to his low rank. He is very manipulative and best matches ENTP type.

kanade uryuu personality type

Kanade Uryuu

Kanade is a very cold-hearted “antagonist” character from this anime who would never think twice before killing anyone for his advantage. He is very competitive and intelligent. He even started killing other candidates to improve his own chances for selection. He is ruthless and sadistic, and would do any dirty thing to attain his goals. He also tends to manipulate people, a trademark quality of ENTJ types.

nanato mukaido personality type

Nanato Mukaido

Nanato is also a god candidate. He is an introverted guy who joined Mirai’s team by gaining their trust. He is a family-oriented person, and used his arrows to secure his family’s future from financial perspective. Turns out, even he was searching for other god candidates to make a team.

saki personality type

Saki Hanakago

Saki is a god candidate, but she would never try to kill people. She is not a very confident character and she feels pity for those that are bullied or are weak. She wants to make the world a happy place for people to live.

Manga Characters

Balta ENTP
Mimimi YamadaESFP
Susumu YuitoENFJ
Shuji Nakaomi ESFP
Hajime SokotaniISFP

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