The MBTI® Types of Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tokyo Revengers has gradually become quite a famous anime series. The story is a blend of science fiction, time travel and revenge story. It revolves around a boy named Takemichi whose girlfriend gets killed by gang members. Somehow he gets an opportunity to travel 12 years back and now he has a chance to save her. At its core, Tokyo Revengers stands as a pure shonen anime, loved by many fans.

There are many characters in this series which increases the complexity and variety of the story. Every character contributes to the development of the plot. Bearing unique personalities, you definitely won’t forget them. Let us look at and understand their four-letter type through their behaviour.

Tokyo Revengers Characters and their MBTI Types

kisaki tetta mbti

Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki is the primary villain of this series. He is absolutely smart, calculating and goal-driven. Personality-wise, he is very cold and does not genuinely care about his group. He has countlessly used them as “tools” and pieces of pawn for his own advantage. Kisaki worked from the shadows because of his physical limitations, but he has extraordinary planning skills. His intellectual capacity is far beyond average, and that makes him one of the dangerous delinquents.

takemichi mbti

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi is our revenge-driven protagonist. Loyalty is one of his trademark qualities, which he shows towards his friends. In life, he tends to be a more “reliable” person rather than a “strong” or “wealthy” person.

manjiro personality type

Manjiro Sano

Manjiro is the founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is often found joking among his close friends. Being confident, bold and physically strong, his leadership is unshakeable. However, deep down he is burdened by his dark past which tends to haunt him from time to time. He might appear cold and ruthless, but deep down, he is a feeling type. His personality is largely influenced by past experiences.

chifuyu matsuno mbti

Chifuyu Matsuno

He is the vice-captain of the Manji gang and is loyal and trustworthy. He has average strength, but he never backs down from helping or saving others. His core morals and values guide him to revolt against people who take the wrong advantage of their powers and status. He hates the concept of “hierarchy” that is prevalent in human society. He tries his best to use the logical side of his mind to advise Takemichi in fights. Chifuyu Matsuno’s MBTI is INFP.

draken mbti

Ken Ryuguji

Ken, also known as Draken, is a competitive guy whose personality matches best with ESTP. He loves to fight stronger opponents for the sake of fun and adrenaline. He is also very caring and looks after Mikey. Mentally, he is more mature than the other characters from the Manji Gang.

hanma shuji mbti

Shuji Hanma

Shuji is also an ESTP type. He loves entertainment and flashy stuff. He is quite violent and does not hesitate to torture people. Shuji loves to be the centre of attention in fights and gang violence. Similar to Ken, he fights for the sake of amusement and thrill. Overall, he is a very skilled fighter and can single-handedly defeat many opponents.

keisuke baji personality type

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke is the first division captain. He has a sporty personality and also loves to fight in order to gain some entertainment and fun out of it. He is very loyal, especially to Toman. He is also a trickster and makes others fool quite easily. Despite all these mischievous characteristics, he never hesitates to stand up against injustice and is always seen fighting for his friends.

Ema sano personality type

Ema Sano

Ema is a flirtatious and cheerful girl. She wants to act mature, though she has very childish behaviour. She is romantically appealing and talks politely as if to attract others.

kazutora hanemiya personality type

Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora had a very dark past where he witnessed domestic violence. Mentally, he is shown to be unstable. Emotionally burdened, Kazutora appears to be depressed. Gradually, his mental health improved and he was able to socialize with others. He also regrets what he did in the past.

takashi mitsuya personality type

Takashi Mitsuya

Mitsuya appears to be a logical and calm person. He is a dedicated person who actually hates fighting, but will never back down if the situation demands him to fight. He believes that strength should be used only to protect loved ones. Mitsuya is a true example of an INFJ.

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