To Your Eternity MBTI Complete List

The list of To Your Eternity MBTI included personality types of characters from this new anime. To Your Eternity is one of the latest animes released, with a plot revolving around a mysterious entity, which is ultimately immortal, and which is sent to Earth. It transforms into an injured wolf named Joann. The story sheds light on philosophical ideas like suffering, death, loneliness etc.

Characters from this anime are equally intriguing as we see their interactions and motivations as the story progresses. Let us look at To Your Eternity MBTI of these characters according to 16 personalities.

List of To Your Eternity Characters MBTI Personality Type

Fushi personality type


Fushi is the main character of this series. It is an immortal being but gradually learn about human emotions. Strong emotions like death affect it the most, and that is why it tries to stay away from events that trigger emotions. Fushi is kind and caring towards others. However, his Ne is underdeveloped and causes him to misinterpret the true motivations of people.

the nameless boy personality type

The Nameless Boy

He has an optimistic and lively personality. He is also the “sacrificing” type and always trying to push beyond limits to achieve his goals. The Nameless Boy cares for people around him and always wear a smile on his face, despite the hardships he faces.

tonari personality type


Tonari is a smart, intelligent and manipulative character from the To Your Eternity anime series. She is very caring and loyal to her friends. Being extroverted, the people of his group acknowledges her knowledge and skillset.

hayase personality type


She carries authority and bossiness in her voice. She is a very good leader. Being extroverted, she communicates better than everyone else, however, she is very manipulative. Her key strengths are adaptability and leadership.

march personality type


She is a cheerful girl. She is only three years old, yet wishes to grow fast. She is also polite and well mannered. Her personality best resembles the ISFJ type. However, she is a little stubborn and impatient too.

parona personality type


Perona’s personality is calm and collected. She is intelligent and a strategic planner. Despite being a shy individual, she tries her best to push beyond her limits. She will do anything to maintain peace and harmony.

gugu personality type


Gugu is very powerful. His mask aids him to use the fire breath technique. In childhood, he was timid and didn’t remove his mask. He is wise and thoughtful now. He is also quite optimistic and brave.

joan personality type


Joan is a domestic wolf, living along with humans. He tends to talk less to humans, though he is brave and never backs down from fights. Joan always accompanies the nameless boy.

rynn personality type


Rynn is an expressive and charismatic girl. She is wealthy who gets special attention from people all around her. She loves to hang out and is always ready to stand up against injustice. She prefers to live a life full of freedom and free from hindrance.

pyoran personality type


Pyoran is an old woman. She easily gets angry. But she really cares for Fushi.

Manga Characters

Hylo RickISTP
Yuki AokiENFP
Bonchien NicoliENFP

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