Tanjiro MBTI – ENFJ (The Protagonist)

Do you know what is Tanjiro MBTI? Have you ever thought about what personality type is Tanjiro? Tanjiro’s personality type is ENFJ. He is a warm and caring person who is always ready to help others. He is sometimes very talkative, though he doesn’t necessarily waste others’ time. Tanjiro mostly appears happy and cheerful from the outside, but it is difficult to understand his core mentality as he tries to resolve his decisions and weigh them based on others’ situations. Nevertheless, he is a true embodiment of a healthy ENFJ.

Character description: Tanjiro is the main character from the well-known anime series Demon Slayer. He is the brother of Nezuko, a girl who has become a half-human half-demon. Tanjiro’s quest is to convert her sister again to a human by finding Muzan, the king of demons.

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10 Reasons why Tanjiro MBTI is ENFJ

He is obedient and reliable

I never saw Tanjiro skipping his work schedule in the anime. He completes all his chores on time and with efficiency. Tanjiro also tends to work alone quite perfectly. He is the most responsible and reliable person in his family. Other people from the village admire his enthusiasm and skills. Tanjiro kamado’s personality type matches best with ENFJ.

He cares for others

It is difficult to get hurt by demons when Tanjiro is around. He is very careful of his surroundings and people. Tanjiro is always well aware of everyone’s needs and the kind of mental/physical situation they are in.

He is a workaholic

Tanjiro loves working. You will always see him doing some kind of work in the anime. Whether it is lifting coal or helping people with chores, Tanjiro is always available for more work.

He fights for justice

Tanjiro is a value-driven character, so he cannot tolerate any kind of injustice or crime. He will utilize all his potential powers to solve justice-related issues.

He is a good leader

Tanjiro is a very good leader, able to lead Zenitsu and Inosuke through tough situations, even though they are slightly dumb and less skilled than him. This quality also aids him to utilize better teamwork and strategy in fighting against demons.

He forgives

Tanjiro is one of those rare characters in animes that forgives the bad guys. He feels for the situation demons are facing, so before killing them, he makes sure to use the lightest touch of his sword, to minimize their pain.

He is very goal-oriented

Tanjiro always pushes himself in fights, to the point where he gets heavily injured. This is because he has a good focus on his goals, always looking for the greater good.

He can be a good teacher

Tanjiro eventually has become a very skilled character and an excellent demon slayer. Because of his good communication skills and trust-building skills, he can easily teach these techniques to other worthy characters. Also, ENFJs normally excel in fields like teaching and advocacy.

He is an excellent communicator

Tanjiro can easily talk with people in the town. That is why, has nicely bonded with the villagers and Hashira’s, thereby allowing him to be one step ahead in every situation. This ability also makes him a likeable character. Because ENFJs have empathy and good emotional connections, they communicate very well with others and the same is the case with Tanjiro.

He is a role model for everyone

Obedience, Reliability, Charisma and Morals are major factors that make a person a role model for others. As a result, Tanjiro possesses each of them.

Identity is Assertive or Turbulent for Tanjiro MBTI?

Tanjiro is not an assertive type because he constantly struggles to make decisions and it is easy for him to fall prey to demons. Only rare actions of him are successful. He sometimes underestimates himself. This is the reason why Tanjiro has a turbulent personality.

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