Blue Period: Analysis & Review

After finishing this anime, I thought of writing a detailed blue period review that talks about the core concept behind its story and its message to the anime audience.

Art is a skill that requires good observation skills, precise motor movements and photographic memory. But still, people consider art objectively and believe that innate talent matters a lot when it comes to pursuing artistic careers. They fail to see through an artist’s struggle and perseverance. This has subsequently become a collective mindset and there is a lot that needs to be changed about this perspective.

Blue period, an anime about art, is not just about art but it is a process that shows how someone deals with the demanding hard work and mental strength required to keep learning the intricate parts of a successful painting. Blue Period’s essence dives deeper into the real meaning of a good painting, and more importantly, the meaning of art.

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Blue Period Review – A Journey of an Artist

blue period review

A Way of Self-Expression?

Paintings speak, everyone happens to say that a lot in art classes and art museums, but non-artists cannot simplify a painting to its core essence. They can’t say you what actually a painting says. A painting is a lot more than creation. It describes a person’s personality, his/her persistent hard work and his her hidden emotions. Similarly, Yatora describes his true essence as if his drawings should be able to “kill” others. Killing refers to a lot of meanings, subjectively.

While it may be just about impressing people, on the other hand, it could also mean to describe “himself” in a way that shatters everyone’s judgment about him. It could be anything, who knows? But one thing is sure that Yatora does want to describe his own pain, his own feelings and his purpose in life, all on the single blank canvas in front of him.

Art as a Means of Communication

Speaking of canvas, it is just blank paper, ready to get dirty. Everyone can apply anything to it without even thinking, and it just produces unique output. But creativity is not just about creating something unique. It means to add value or to express emotions, motivations and desires, all using the skill of visual communication. Art is communication and a language, and Yatora trying very hard to learn this language, which unfortunately many people in the world have misinterpreted.

Hard Work vs Smart Work

I don’t believe in smart work and luck. I think of them as an output to hard work. It is not possible to smartly make a decision just on the basis of favorable factors and world-class counselling. Smart work does happen, but it requires patience and diligence for it to even show up in someone’s work. Art is definitely 99% hard work.

The True Meaning of Wonderful Art

Before that brush is dipped into those shiny colours and rubbed upon the canvas, art is already complete in the artist’s mind. The journey of a good painting starts from the artist’s experience, desire, present emotions and skills. Yatora needs to have clarity about his emotions, and decide which emotions need to be displayed in his painting. This is the hardest part of creating a painting, and we see how he struggles to make even the smallest decisions. Blue period as an anime surpassed every possible limit for the expression of hard work. It perfectly describes Yatora’s journey about discovering his passion how hard it gets for him to follow through every piece of the puzzle.

Overall, this anime is a must-watch for everyone. This anime, and manga, both are forms of art themselves, and there is no doubt about that. If you have read this far, maybe try to leave a comment. Your comments and opinions make my day and motivate me to write tons of ideas.

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