The MBTI® Types of Ousama Ranking Characters

Ousama Ranking is a recent shonen anime focused on the life of Bojji, a prince who cannot speak. The story revolves around the struggle that he has to face in order to become a worthy king. The anime, despite being cartoonish in its art style, has a deep political plot. It is filled with a roller-coaster of events that will make you laugh and cry frequently. The characters in this show are really well written. Each of the characters has a different personality and people are always on the lookout for Ousama ranking MBTI, the Myers Briggs type of these characters.

As of now, Ousama Ranking stands at an all-time rank of 23 on myanimelist, thanks to the excellent writing and amazing characters from this anime. Let us look at each of the characters from this anime and their MBTI type according to 16 personalities.

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Ousama Ranking MBTI Types

bojji personality type

Bojji (ENFJ – A)

Bojji is the protagonist of this anime. He is a deaf and mute child who is the son of the great King Bosse. Bojji is physically weak, but mentally he is very strong. He always has a “never give up” attitude, which makes him one of the best main characters in anime. Bojji is quite emotional as well. He cares for the people of the kingdom.

kage personality type

Kage (ESTP – A)

Kage is Bojji’s unorthodox assassin friend and his well-wisher. He is a very optimistic and skilled entity, always seen helping Bojji in times of need. Kage cares for Bojji and wants to make him strong. He is also a good fighter.

daida personality type

Daida (ENTJ – A)

Daida is Bosse’s youngest son. He is very serious about becoming a powerful king, just like his father. However, he can do almost anything to gain authority. He underestimates everyone in the kingdom, including Bojji.

queen hiling personality type

Hiling (ESTJ – A)

Queen Hiling is Bojji’s mother. She is a little hot-headed in nature. She is also quite authoritative and a very good leader. Hiling cares a lot about her both sons.

king bosse personality type

King Bosse (ENFJ – T)

Bosse is Bojji’s father who is exceptionally strong and huge. He is a role model king. However, he is quite selfish and greedy for more power.

domas personality type

Domas (ISFJ – T)

Domas is Bojji’s trainer. He lacks conviction and his morals are very weak. Overall, he appears caring, though at moments he loses his cool and always makes the wrong decisions unknowingly. However, he is a very good fighter.

bojji personality type

Bebin (INTJ – T)

Bebin is Daida’s swordsmanship trainer who is also known by the name of “Snake Master”. He is a very loyal and trusted person who does not necessarily love killing. Bebin has a calculative mindset and is able to understand people’s hidden emotions. He is an excellent fighter.

lady miranjo personality type

Lady Miranjo (INTJ – T)

Lady Miranjo guides Daida in his decisions. Her soul resides in the Magic Mirror. It is unknown whether she is really an antagonist. She is very manipulative and knows a lot about evil magic. There is always a kind of mysterious “aura” about her.

mitsumata personality type

Mitsumata the Giant Snake (ENFJ – T)

Mitsumata is a giant snake who was saved by Bojji and Bebin. Hence, he is very loyal to both of these characters. As of now, he resides in a secret cave that only Bebin and Bojji know about. He is Bojji’s well-wisher and he is the one who taught him how to dodge fast attacks quickly.

death par personality type

Death-Par (ENFP – A)

Death-Par is Death-Har’s brother who is funny and less intellectual. Despite being a weak character himself, he tries his best to teach Bojji in his own ways that prove to be beneficial. He cares for the growth of Bojji and wants to make him stronger. Death-Par is also quite greedy for money and fame.

Other Characters

Death harENTP
King Bosse MonsterINTJ
Bojji’s MomENFJ
Kage’s MomESFJ
Forest Mystery ManENTP

I hope you liked this list of Ousama Ranking MBTI. Feel free to comment down below your favourite character.

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