Attack on Titan Episode 78 gets a 10/10 rating on IMDB, but Breaking Bad fans are not happy

Part 2 of Season 4 for the Attack on Titan has already started airing, and a lot of major events have already started happening. Note that the series is coming to an end from the anime perspective and it has been an absolutely fantastic journey. Most of the episodes from Season 4 have already been rated high because of their godly animation and plot twists, however, episode 78 “Two Brothers” seems to have surpassed all the limits and fans were not able to control themselves and started praising the episode all over the internet. Surprisingly, this episode gradually became the G.O.A.T as fans bestowed their appreciation on IMDB with the highest rating, making this episode the only episode to achieve a perfect 10/10 in the history of IMDB ratings, till date.

Attack on Titan is undoubtedly one of the best shows to ever exist on planet earth. With its incredible storytelling and amazing set of characters, it surpassed everyone’s expectations as we moved further episode by episode. This anime is capable of completing with even the big players of the entertainment industry, including legendary American shows like Breaking Bad, or Netflix hits like the Squid game and Money Heist. Episode 78 “Two Brothers” definitely received the kind of appreciation that it truly deserved.

However, when a show has some lovers, it also has many haters. The same was the case with this episode as well. As soon as “Two Brothers” attained the high rankings on IMDB, Breaking Bad fans could not hold their cup of anger, frustration and jealousy, and thereby started to drop insults, fake comments and terrible ratings for Attack on Titan Episode 78 and the rest of the other episodes as well. The brawl was initially one-sided, but later, AOT fans jumped in and did the same to Breaking Bad, causing a “Rumbling” of the top rankings, which caused shows like Game of Thrones and Chernobyl to gradually rise above in their rankings.

Even so, AOT still has the majority of episodes with the highest ranking on IMDB. As of now, Attack on Titan episode name “Hero” reigns the top charts as the number one episode from TV shows, followed by yet another AOT episode name “Perfect Game”, both of these having whopping 9.9 rating.

It is funny and at the same time so depressing to see that show lovers are so insecure about their tv shows and they can possibly do non-sensible things like spamming, thereby wasting their time on things that don’t mean anything. IMDB is a place where people can share their experiences, opinion and love for a particular show, rankings are just the by-product. People should really start appreciating every show as it takes an immense amount of hard work, talent and work of so many hours to create some powerful and impactful piece of work that everybody will like.

Anyways, we really hope that further episodes will be as good as this one.

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