The 7 Coolest One Punch Man Facts We Learned From the Manga!

In the world of manga, the characters are a lot more than just figures. They can be the best friends, the worst enemies, or even just cool characters to get a laugh out of. Here are 7 facts about one punch man that you might not know! One Punch Man’s premise is absolutely unique. A superhero who can just obliterate villains with just a punch, I mean it sounds really very boring and predictable. Though this manga subsequently rose to great heights due to its amazing execution and storytelling, indicating that just a good and progressive story is not enough to make a manga great. One Punch man breaks all odds of a typical shounen mindset and delivers us a very engaging story that makes us hyped and entertained.

Further, let us look at the 7 coolest facts from One Punch Man manga, which directly and indirectly make it a perfect read for newbies as well as seasoned otakus.

1. One Punch Man’s outfit is oddly simple

one punch man outfit

The reason One-Punch Man’s outfit is so plain looking is because the mangaka wanted to avoid putting in detail. The reason for this is that he wanted to focus on the fight scenes and the action, instead of focusing on his appearance. It simply looks like a normal jumpsuit, which is made of some tight fabric touching the skin, something similar to spiderman, but way more simpler in look and color.

This is actually great, since most shonen mangas have the habit of exaggerating clothing and equipments of protagonists and antagonists, which to some extent, aids them to fight in battles. However, Saitama displayed as a hero with simple clothing portrays the fact that it is the “spirit” that matters the most.

2. Saitama’s exercise routine is fairly difficult for even the strongest ones out there

one punch man training regiment

While we all know that Saitama is the strongest man in the world, it seems like he’s not taking his strength for granted. In fact, he works out hard every day, doing a full-body workout in just two minutes. But what’s the secret behind his workout routine?

100 pushups, 100 sit-ups and 10 mile run is all that he needs to break his limits. And you have to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. For a normal human, or even an athlete, such a task is quite daunting. Your body really needs a certain amount of rest after doing an intense training, but Saitama’s training regiment doesn’t even mention about taking off-days.

3. The origin of “Saitama” as a name

In ONE’s hometown, there was a real person named “Saitama”. He wasn’t a superhero, but just a normal person who worked as a clerk at the local convenience store. In fact, he’s so ordinary that people thought he was just a lazy bum who didn’t work. ONE actually took him as an inspiration to create “Saitama” as a hero of his manga.

4. Saitama is an Otaku himself

saitama reading manga in manga

This is one of the best facts we learned from the One Punch Man manga. Saitama reads a lot of manga, and he has read almost every series published in Japan. He also has the habit of reading manga while he’s sleeping. He usually reads all kinds of manga, but he’s a big fan of romantic comedy and shounen manga.

5. Different Levels of threats add spice to the story

There are total 5 different level of threats in one punch man. They are as follows:

  1. Wolf
  2. Tiger
  3. Demon
  4. Dragon
  5. God

God level is the most difficult to defeat and such threats can pose risk to the existence of humanity.

6. Genos is a very disciplined house-keeper

Genos is a very disciplined guy and hates if the house is not kept clean and tidy. He is also very straightforward in his communication, always trying to avoid details that does not seem necessary.

7. The mystery behind the “Bald” superhero

When we think of superheroes, we tend to imagine super-strong heroes with golden hair and perfect body. However, One Punch Man presents a very different picture. Not only is Saitama the strongest hero in the world, but he’s also bald! The reason behind his baldness is the extreme daily training that he underwent, causing him to break his limiters and finally go bald, however, this is as per from the story’s context.

The creator “ONE” wanted a bald superhero because he was tired of seeing flashy and perfectly-figured heroes in other mangas. He finally made a bald protagonist to ensure that people understand the fact that heroes can come in all sizes and forms.

About One Punch Man manga

One-Punch Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by One, where the main character Saitama only defeats his enemies with one punch. He has no other weapons, he just punches them to death. The first chapter of the manga was published in 2009 and as of 2018, it has been collected into 25 volumes.

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