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After a long time, I am back with yet another post that is not really very structured like my other posts. This is because, until now I had been continuously writing on very specific topics which is stealing away the mood of writing and the true purpose of blogging. I have become a little detached from my readers, though I don’t necessarily blame anyone for it, not even myself, because I was trying to achieve some kind of a different goal for the past few months. Nevertheless, I think it is sometimes better to just think and type on the go for a few of the posts rather than you know “research” and do all kinds of those things.

Lately, if you had noticed it already, I had been writing tons of posts on MBTI and 16 personalities of anime and tv show characters. So whenever I stumble upon some piece of work like a new anime, new manga or a new tv show, I have gotten into the habit of searching the personality types of those characters on the personality database. Surprisingly, I had also tried a lot to you know “predict” the personality type of certain characters before looking at them on the website and for a few of them, I was able to accurately predict what their type is. This was a great deal for me earlier, but I think now it has become quite a normal thing for me, since I had been writing so much about MBTI, I have got a good taste of it.

One of the regrets that I have in terms of writing blog posts on MBTI is my inability to put forward my opinions on certain characters. There was actually a time when I was doing such kind of thing, but recently I had been focusing too much on structured content.

So today, this post is about, again MBTI, though it is specifically about the ISTP protagonists in animes. I personally feel that these types of characters are some of the best that you could find in shows, though I am a little sceptical about the “real-life” part as this is one of the rarest personality types, and I have not seen or talked to an ISTP type. Plus, it is hard to predict them as they match up with many other types like ENTJ and INTJ which makes it difficult to differentiate.

What is the Mindset of an ISTP?

So, starting with the main theme of this post, there is a kind of mysterious and really unique aura about the ISTP types. They often appear like tough and logical people, carrying themselves through every difficult situation. They support justice and believe in saving humanity, though I could hardly see them getting deeper into the “emotional” aspects of things. ISTP’s mentality stems from the traditional “hunter-gatherer” mindset, being carried from our ancestors. They may seem like an animal and not particularly smart as other types of protagonists, but there is a reason why they are so popular and seem to look like a perfect protagonists almost everywhere.

ISTP’s minds are not complex to understand. If you dig just enough, you will see all the motivation and purpose right away. You don’t have to put additional effort to try to understand their story since these are sensor types, whatever they think, they always reflect and change the present environment. It is foolish to think that they aren’t emotional beings, yes they may lack intuition and big-picture thinking, but they have their life too. I am not going to go too much detail into the functions part to explain that though :P.

What Can We Learn from Saitama & Levi?

Let’s take the analogy to understand these characters. For example, Saitama is one of the famous anime characters typed as an ISTP type. Then we have notable characters like Guts from Berserk, Levi from Attack on Titan. Now I know Levi and Saitama can’t be compared from the skill and knowledge perspective, but for the time being, we can refer to these two characters as they are both ISTP.

As we already know, Saitama is just an overpowered protagonist who is bored and wants some entertainment in life. His goals are simple, though they seem to be so difficult to attain. Levi, on the other hand, isn’t overpowered, though he is very skilled and had gone through various difficulties and saddening events in his childhood, making him the man that he is now. Levi never thinks intuitively, until it is absolutely necessary. He makes sure that he does the right thing at the right moment. Understanding the future and predicting is not a cup of tea for him. This ability may look like it’s a disadvantage, but it is actually very good. Just think about it, having the guts to be confident even if things go wrong when you tried to do the right. Other types will literally cry and go into some kind of depression if things go wrong even when they sacrifice a lot. But ISTPs are aware that having control over every little thing is not possible.

There are NO LIMITS for ISTPs

Moving Forward – ISFP and ISTP both have the ability to keep moving forward on whatever goals they set. Usually, other types of what they do are like understanding the gist of the whole situation and altering their decisions based on what is best for everyone. However, ISTP and ISFP simply don’t care about things that are out of their control, and majorly they will always try to pursue something that really means something to them. In the process, they really stretch out, and they may have to experience horrible things on the way because of such an attitude. ISTPs show us what actually “goals cost”. Their actions and suffering really depict the struggle in the best way possible. It is definitely not easy for other types to be able to go as far as an ISTP actually can.

One of the things I love about ISTP is how they are able to take control of situations and never seem to be on the victim’s side. They hate being a victim and they usually have the ability to take control of certain things. They aren’t afraid to betray a few for that purpose too. This makes them intimidating and dangerous personality types.

So that’s it I guess. If you have read this far, I appreciate your patience and you are one of the few people who relate to this kind of writing style I really hope that you were able to picture an ISTP type exactly as I wanted to portray. If you love these kinds of posts, feel free to mention them in the comments so I will keep continuing to write about such topics in the same way.

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