The MBTI Types of “The Office” Characters

If you are looking for a show that is light-hearted, comedic and full of surprises, then “The Office” is just the kind of show that you should definitely try to watch. It is a very popular show with a very high rating. The biggest factor that plays the role behind the huge success of this show is the characters. Every character is unique and interesting and adds a lot of spice and fun to the overall show episode by episode.

Each character in the office has a particular personality. If you are not aware of the office MBTI, let us look at the office characters’ personality types. Let us dive deeper and look at these characters from the MBTI perspective.

The Office MBTI – Personality Type of Characters According to Myers-Briggs

michael scott personality type

Michael Scott (ENFP)

Michael is the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin paper products. He is a fun-loving, cheerful and funny guy, but does have certain toxic tendencies. Michael cares for his employees, though he never shies away from reprimanding them for their mistakes. He can be a really good friend. Michael is definitely an ENFP

jim halpert personality type

Jim Halpert (ENTP)

Jim is an employee and he loves to prank Dwight every now and then. It is also quite difficult to beat him in a debate, especially for Dwight. He is a cool and easy-going person. Jim Halpert’s MBTI is ENTP.

stanley hudson personality type

Stanley Hudson (ISTP)

You better not disturb this guy because he is too focused on work and other important things. He is not a very good communicator, however, will always stand up and fight against injustice. He cares for her daughter very much and he is also one of the best employees in the office. Stanley is an ISTP.

andy bernard personality type

Andy Bernard (ESFP)

Andy is definitely an ESFP because he loves to go to parties, connects well with Michael and is a little bit competitive with Dwight and Jim. He loves to hang out and gets bored easily.

dwight schrute personality type

Dwight K. Schrute (ESTJ)

Dwight is a little eccentric guy, always wanting to seek authority over everything. He always gets pranked by Jim and Pam. Dwight is always seen protecting Michael, most of it in order to find a way to gain his trust. He has betrayed Michael many times.

pam beesly personality type

Pam Beesly (ISFJ)

Pam is a receptionist who is not really very talkative compared to the rest of the people in the office. She is a caring lady, who is friends with everybody. Pam is very uncertain about her life choices, always making them dependent on others’ decisions. Pam likes to draw. She is an ISFJ character.

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angela martin personality type

Angela Martin (ISTJ)

Angela is one of the most hated characters in this show due to her behaviour of constantly trying to have total control over everything, even things like arranging Christmas parties and other events. She is very strict and rarely talks to others as she probably hates everyone in the office. Angela loves cats, history and traditional patriotic songs. She is an ISTJ.

ryan howard personality type

Ryan Howard (ESTP)

Initially, Ryan joined Dunder Mifflin as a new employee, learning all about sales and other stuff. People called him temp usually. He is a fun and cool guy, however, is always annoyed by Michael making remarks about him and doing various pranks on him. Ryan is good at sports.

kevin malone personality type

Kevin Malone (ISFP)

Kevin is a funny guy too. However, he mostly keeps quiet and tries to enjoy whatever is happening in the office. Kevin likes games and treats very much. He likes music and once sang in a Rock band too. Kevin is also quite mischievous and that is why these qualities make him an ISFP.

jan levinson mbti

Jan Levinson (ENTJ)

Jan is always hustling and busy. She reprimands Michael almost every day and does not want to waste her or others’ time. Her entire day goes into meeting clients and arranging meetups/sessions with potential clients. She also looks after Dunder Mifflin’s affairs if things get out of control. Jan is ENTJ.


I hope you liked this list of the office MBTI and we would highly appreciate if you can put your suggestions and ideas in the comment section. We are open to possibilities and we try to perfect our content based on our viewer’s needs.

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