Top 10 Most Loved Teachers in Animes Ranked

Teachers are highly valued in our society as people who are responsible for guiding students that are going to be the future of humanity. A teacher’s responsibility is to guide their students in every aspect of their life and get involved in their physical, mental and social development. Countless times, we see teachers in anime as karate masters, private tutors, school teachers, and college professors. We love teachers in anime as they care about their students and help them whenever they hit a roadblock or difficulty in life. We also see them taking risks, just to keep their students happy. We often see them sacrificing a lot for the students.

Teachers are not just protective, but they are also very skilled. They also have unique and interesting ways of teaching these skills to their fellow students. At times, they can be harsh and rude, but their hearts are always on the right path. A good teacher, whether in anime or in real life, will always try to make sure that his/her student does great and keeps improvising. Let us look at some of the best anime teachers famous for their unorthodox teaching skills.

Top 10 Best Sensei/Teachers in Anime

10. Might Guy encourages students to overcome their weaknesses

might guy

We have great teachers in Naruto, but Might Guy is one of a kind. Energetic and confident, he sometimes appears annoying and overly enthusiastic. Might Guy officially trained Neji, Tenten and Rock Lee, of which he gave prime importance to Rock Lee. The unique thing about his technique is that it does not involve a lot of chakra enhancements, and most of his fighting power is based on his raw physical strength.

Might guy uses enthusiasm, courage, emotions and responsibility as a catalyst to train their students to achieve the best results. He believes in training and becoming the best in one aspect is more fruitful than being an average joe in everything.

9. Onizuka teaches more about life than from the books

great teacher onizuka

Onizuka is a popular anime character who is also a teacher, despite having a past in gangs and illegal affairs. He is a pervert and a laid back person. In the anime, Onizuka teaches social studies to his students, but more importantly, he teaches about life more than anything else. This is due to the fact that he experienced a lot of trauma and difficulties in his past. He genuinely cares for his students and wants to make sure that they don’t fall into the same rabbit hole as he did.

Onizuka believes in learning from experience, practical exposure and your past mistakes, in order to bloom and grow as a real man.

8. Iruka Umino comforts his students even during moments of grief

iruka umino

Iruka is one of those characters in naruto that are heartwarming and caring. At times we can see his agitated nature, however, his heart is devoted to teaching students the best possible moral values and ethics that they can learn. Iruka surprisingly was able to get himself out of the grief of his parent’s death, and despite knowing that it was caused by the Nine-tails monster, he proceeded to believe in Naruto and wanted his life to be the best. Apart from this, he is also seen comforting and encouraging his students from time to time, whatever the situation may be.

Iruka believes in sacrificing for a greater good by keeping aside your ego and past memories.

7. Ittetsu Takeda’s persistent nature helps improve Karasuno’s performance.

ittetsu takeda

Practice matches are a great way to train the team and get them aware of the play style and tactics of many opponents. Practice always helps create confidence and knowledge for the team. Takeda Sensei, the faculty advisor of the Karasuno volleyball team, is very persistent when it comes to asking for practice matches with the other teams. This allows him to set up many matches so that Karasuno gets better at practice and training. He is also very good at uplifting the mood of the entire team, which helps them get better at their respective areas.

Takeda believes that persistence, teamwork and constant improvement is the key to success.

6. Master Roshi instils discipline and love for martial arts in his students

master roshi

Old people are a gold mine when it comes to knowledge, information of experience-driven wisdom. It is also very rare to see very old teachers in anime. However, Master Roshi is one cool example of a teacher who is also a grandpa. Master Roshi is often seen in his cool persona, fooling around and chasing women because he is a pervert. Despite being old, he is clever, quick and very good at teaching. He is the official mentor of Goku and other main characters from the DB series, indicating his experience and competency in fighting. Master Roshi loves martial arts and taught his students the best techniques that he could teach.

Master Roshi believes that one should always be energetic and lively, and age does not matter.

5. Franken Stein is an eccentric teacher

franken stein

Science is a very interesting topic and there is an abundance of crazy nerd anime characters out there who are likely to cause big troubles using their crazy science experiments. One of those characters is Franken Stein from Soul Eater anime. For him, everything in the world is an experiment. His curiosity is always through the roof and he also does not hesitate to take risks when it comes to experiments. Though being a reckless fool that is always been playing around with science, he is quite responsible when it comes to handling his students. He genuinely cares for his students, wanting to make sure that they don’t get hurt.

Franken Stein believes in having an ever-curious mind and the ability to take risks for experimentation.

4. Sakonji Urokodaki makes his students mentally strong

sakonji urokodaki

Killing demons is not anybody’s cup of tea. It requires strong observation skills, patience, ultimate breathing techniques and overall control over the body. Tanjiro started off as a weakling who couldn’t even complete basic training methods. However, we are glad that Sakonji was there to teach him in the best possible way. Sakonji is not an enthusiastic and easy-going teacher. He makes sure to teach his students in the toughest way possible. Mental fortitude, stamina and preparedness are key to fighting the toughest demons out there, and Sakonji knows this for a fact. He makes sure to make Tanjiro mentally strong so that he can break through the empathy barrier that makes him hesitate to kill demons.

Sakonji believes that focusing on improving one’s mental fortitude is as equally important as strength training.

3. Aizawa wants his students to “Break Limits”

shota aizawa

There are two ways of teaching – the hard way or the soft way. Aizawa uses the hard way to train his students to make them capable of bearing the mental pressure of the fights. He genuinely cares about his students, though it is really hard to notice that if you don’t pay much attention. He comes off as lazy, though he knows all the strengths/weaknesses of his students and pays special attention to those who need it.

Aizawa believes in pushing the limits. He also taught students how to fight independently and be accountable for their mistakes, and learn from them.

2. Jiraiya trusts his students and their abilities


The concept of Shinobi in Naruto carries a kind of pride and magnificence. The same was clearly demonstrated by the actions of Jiraiya, a powerful shinobi with an impressive skillset and knowledge like a vast sea. Despite having a very irritating and perverted attitude, Jiraiya is considered the topmost Shinobi with exceptional battle skills. He is also empathic and clever, therefore able to make quick table-turning decisions in a fight. Jiraiya was responsible for teaching his ways to the three legendary characters, Naruto, Minato and Nagato. He is a really great teacher who taught tons of techniques to his pupils. Jiraiya always tried to be like a parent figure to his students. He always chose to believe in peace and resolution over fighting and bloodshed, hence sharing similar beliefs with Naruto.

Jiraiya believes in having faith in his students and their capabilities, having an optimistic attitude, and hoping for the best even in difficult times.

1. Koro Sensei gives special attention to his students

koro sensei

School is not just about grades and becoming good at materialistic things. It is also a place where you spend a major chunk of your life, growing and learning new things. It also is a place that gives you your identity and personality. Koro Sensei is well aware of this fact, hence, he is always interested in solving his student’s problems that are not a part of the syllabus – yes he solves their personal problems. He also encourages his students and pushes them towards hardship if he thinks that’s important for them to experience. For him, every student has unique and has their own problems, and he caters to provide individual attention to the same.

Koro Sensei believes in helping his students to make sure they are happy and content, no matter what.

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