One Piece: The Four Gods & Their Powers

In the latest parts of One Piece, it was uncovered that divine beings in all actuality do for sure exist in the series. As referenced above, there are four divine beings: the Sun God, Rain God, Forest God and the Earth God. While it’s been uncovered that Luffy’s Devil Fruit provided him with the powers of Sun God Nika, the personality of different characters with faithful powers is as yet a secret. These are the one-piece 4 gods.

It’s questionable assuming that some other characters have those Devil Fruits by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, considering what the series has shown up until this point, as well as the number of secrets that are left to be replied to, it’s conceivable that these characters have the abilities of the excess divine beings.

List of One Piece 4 Gods and their Special Powers

1. The Rain God – Monkey D. Dragon

the rain god monkey d dragon

Unintentionally, the following individual probably going to have the abilities of a divine being is Luffy’s dad. Very little is had some significant awareness of Dragon, besides him being the head of the Revolutionary Army and the most needed criminal in the One Piece world. Indeed, even with so little really some significant awareness of him, Dragon is viewed as the most probable possibility for being the client of the Rain God Devil Fruit.

The explanation Dragon is estimated to utilize this god’s powers is on the grounds that pretty much every time Dragon has shown up in the series, explicitly at whatever point he’s played out any sort of conscious activity, the climate in the space becomes blustery – – with a downpour, extraordinary breezes and lightning strikes happening. For quite a while fans expected his Devil Fruit was a breeze logion or considerably weather conditions based paramecia, yet with current data, in the event that he has a Devil Fruit, it would most likely be the Rain God’s.

2. Sun God – Monkey D. Luffy

the sun god luffy

The main person affirmed to have the force of a divine being is, as a matter of fact, the series hero, Monkey D. Luffy. Having stirred his Devil Fruit after apparently kicking the bucket toward the finish of his fight with Kaido, Luffy found that his powers were really that of the Hito no Mi Model: Sun God Nika. Luffy can get to the full cluster of Sun God Nika’s powers by going into Gear 5.

While Luffy is the first affirmed “god” in One Piece, what he’s really fit for is still to a great extent obscure. As indicated by the World Government, the Sun God Nika organic product gives the “most absurd” powers of any Devil Fruit, with the client’s body acquiring elastic-like properties as well as animation material science.

This makes sense of why Luffy’s body has been resistant to power, as well as how it can extend and grow to monstrous extents, even without him blowing into his bones or muscles as he does with Gears 3 and 4, individually, while utilizing Gear 5. Luffy can apply these animation elastic properties to his environmental factors, objects as well as others and in any event, lightning bolts. He is one of the most strongest one piece 4 gods.

3. The Earth God – Blackbeard

the earth god blackbeard

The most probable person to have the capacities of the Earth God is Blackbeard. Beginning with his unique Devil Fruit, the Yami no Mi, Blackbeard is a ton like Luffy in how the powers they got don’t generally accommodate their particular sort. Dissimilar to most Logia-types, Blackbeard can’t really transform into his component to keep away from assaults or utilize exceptional strategies. He gets additional harm from assaults because of his natural product than he would without it, making him a one-of-a-kind Logia-type. It likewise has the odd capacity to invalidate Devil Fruit’s powers.

To the extent that powers go, Blackbeard’s type of gravity control is basically a strategy for catching and in any event, overcoming his rivals, which goes completely against Luffy’s craving for the outright opportunity. It might make sense how Blackbeard had the option to utilize a subsequent Devil Fruit power. Assuming Luffy’s powers are tied in with being allowed to do anything, Blackbeard’s could be tied in with taking all.

4. The Forest God – Admiral Ryokugyu

the forest god admiral ryokugyu

While a total secret until last month, Ryokugyu at long last made his fantastic presentation into the series. Especially when he independently attacked Wano to catch Luffy for Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu). Ryokugyu has the ability to make, control and change himself into vegetation. He has the abilities conceded to him by a Logia natural product known as the Mori no Mi (Woods Fruit).

He has been shown strong enough to beat the remainder of the Beast Pirates. Taking into account it was uncovered that Zoan natural products have something of their very own will. Certainly, it is feasible that Ryokugyu’s natural product is doing likewise that Luffy’s did, and disguising its actual personality until the second he figures out how to stir his organic product, anything that cycle would be.

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