Top 12 Popular Anime Characters with Yellow Eyes

The anime business is known for its numerous artistic freedoms with character plans, from making antiquated characters who seem to be children to adorable succubi characters to heroes with wild, gravity-opposing hairs. But eyes are one of the most conspicuous body parts of all, especially for anime characters and we see a variety in terms of colour, shape, size etc. Especially, characters with yellow-coloured eyes have a certain aura and personality of their own.

It is amusing to see what sort of haircuts, hair tones, or even eye colours anime studios will think of for their characters. Today, let us look at the top 12 characters in anime with yellow eyes.

Top Anime Characters with Yellow Eyes

Rengoku from Demon Slayer

One of the most powerful Demon Slayers and one of the Pillars, Rengoku was perhaps of the most unconventional person in the series and one of the most productive Flame Breathing slayers on the planet.

His volatile character made him keep his eyes continually open, permitting watchers to investigate his interesting eyes. An orange Iris with a red community and a totally white understudy, Rengoku’s eyes are a notable piece of his personality and are likewise one of the most particularly shaded anime eye plans.

Mary Saotome from Kakegurui

Dissimilar to Kakegurui’s submissive Ryota Suzui or the libertine Yumeko Jabami, the Hyakkou understudy Mary Saotome is profoundly aggressive and driven — she intends to bring down the understudy chamber and actually oppose the president, Kirari Momobami.

Mary hangs out in Kakegurui thanks to her splendid light hair and her dull yellow eyes, which gives her a serious and distinctive hope to match her hot attitude and savage desires. On occasion, however, she can likewise be an old buddy for Yumeko and Ryota, as well.

Kanade Tachibanan from Angel Beats

Kanade Tachibana is one of the students of the Afterlife school and is said school’s Student Council President. She is likewise alluded to as Angel by the Afterlife War Front.

As the school’s Student Council President, Kanade is entrusted with the obligation of guaranteeing that the students are all ready to adapt to their own concerns. Her eyes are very beautiful with a light yellow tint at the bottom and a dark black tint on the top.

Kei Tsukishima from Haikyuu!

Tsukishima is exceptionally tall and has an unbelievably thin form for a volleyball player. In spite of being a first-year, he is the tallest player in the volleyball crew; remaining at 190.1 cm. He has short fair hair, fair skin, slender eyebrows, and brilliant earthy coloured eyes. He is frequently seen with a glare or a deigning grin all over.

Regardless of appearing to be haughty, Tsukishima has low confidence and considers himself sub-par. This is first noted to be a shock by Kuroo, who incidentally provokes him up by recommending he’ll lose to Hinata, to which he says that he’s now underneath him.

Senko from The Helpful Fox – Senko San

The Helpful Fox Senko-San is a new illustration of the iyashikei sort of anime — or an unwinding and happy anime portraying amiable characters who have a good time doing loosening up exercises and by and large getting along.

For this situation, the yellow-looked-at fox soul Senko is glad to live with the salaryman Kuroto Nakano and assist with running his condo. Senko is more than 800 years of age, regardless of her appearance and ridiculous character, however, her fox wizardry is very genuine and she is extremely helpful as a worker servant of sorts.

Prince Zoku from Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the energized universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender, eye tone frequently relates to an individual’s twisting style or country of beginning, with Waterbenders having blue eyes, Earthbenders having green eyes, and Airbenders having brown or dim eyes. Firebenders, be that as it may, have radiant gold or yellow eyes.

Most realized Firebenders are displayed with this eye tone, for example, Prince Zuko, the expelled child of Fire Lord Ozai who went through years pursuing the Avatar before he sorted out his actual predetermination. Presently he is the Fire Lord, managing the now-quiet Fire Nation with a big-hearted hand.

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a state chemist. He and his sibling Alphonse are the posterity of Van Hohenheim, the everlasting vagabond who is likewise known for being an experiencing Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed and Al acquired their dad’s glimmering gold hair and eyes, implying their intrinsic speculative chemistry and their part on the planet when Father’s arrangements work out as expected.

Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket

Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket is a bright and senseless young fellow from the reviled Sohma family. He assumes the Chinese zodiac indication of the snake, while his kuudere more youthful sibling Yuki assumes the indication of the rodent.

Not at all like Yuki, Ayame is brimming with confidence and appreciates standing out to himself through his diverting jokes and love of ensembles, which he imparts to his caring companion Mine. The siblings used to have a stressed relationship, yet Ayame is striving to repair their ties.

Soma Yukihira from Food Wars

Yukihira is noted for his inventive and versatile cooking approach. His splendid grin is notable, and it every now and again empowers his great mate Megumi.

Soma is additionally known for having striking red hair and delightful yellow eyes, which are like Megumi Tadokoro’s and Council part Rindo Kobayashi’s yellow eyes.

Genos from One-Punch Man

Genos, the legend from One-Punch Man, was quickly elevated to an S-rank situation in the Hero Association because of his unbelievably strong computerized body areas of strength for and. He lost his whole old neighbourhood to a rebel cyborg, so he transformed into a machine to get power and vindicate himself.

Little of Genos’ regular body remains, and his mechanical nature is on display starting from the neck, with his cold metal skin visible while wearing a tank top. He likewise has mechanical eyes that match his light hair and sparkle a bursting yellow.

Misaki Ayuzawa from Maid Sama

Some anime characters’ eyes join at least two tones, and their eyes might have all the earmarks of being transcendently one tone or the other relying upon the movement style or lighting. Misaki Ayuzawa, the understudy committee president in Maid Sama!, has dazzling golden eyes with areas of strength for a colour, and her eyes might show up for the most part gold on occasion.

Misaki is perceived for her intense however fair disposition and solid feeling of obligation, which she displays at school as well as at home and at the housekeeper bistro where she covertly works.

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia has an unusual eye colour—her eyes are yellow. She also has very sharp fang-like teeth, that sharply end at his lips. 

Himiko, a League of Villains member, has always been a heroic teen. She has long, tangle-free black hair that matches her almond eyes, and resembles Katsuki Bakugo’s.

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