Top 15 Best Chainsaw Man Characters

MAPPA as of late delivered another trailer for the forthcoming Chainsaw Man anime, which is planned to debut this October. Serious carnage, an extraordinary storyline, and an unrivalled gesture from MAPPA have previously taken Chainsaw Man’s publicity to the degree of legendary animes like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer.

The manga series has been glorified specifically for its brazenly beyond ridiculous horrendous act while at the same time shuffling a truly tragic story about growing up in the midst of all the chaos. A large part of the cast of characters all has their compelling origin stories and inspirations that keep fans sincerely excited.

Indeed, here’s the rundown of the 15 most remarkable Chainsaw Man characters that have shown up in the manga till now.

15 Amazing Characters from Chainsaw Man Anime/Manga


Everybody cherishes a dark horse, and there are not many characters in Chainsaw Man more put upon than Kobeni, whose unnerved response to the different bad dreams she winds up in drives her to stop on various occasions. That being said, she actually gets manoeuvred into the activity after the Chainsaw Man appears at the inexpensive food joint she works at.

Against all the chances, however, Kobeni is one of only a handful of exceptional characters who really survive the story. Maybe she’s gotten away for good this time, despite the fact that her abilities with a blade mean she’s not close to as powerless as she looks.


A few fans think about this person the Levi Ackerman of Chainsaw Man. From his shift in focus over to his way of behaving and abilities, he looks like Levi in each sense. Kishibe possibly talks when required and has an apathetic nature, however, he kills the demons in the most potential fierce manner.

Kishibe’s capacities far outperform an ordinary individual, making him a bad dream for the demons. As of now, Kashibe has contacts with Claw Devil, Knife Devil, and Needle Devil.

Aki Hayakawa

Aki has been a conspicuous person in the series starting from the beginning, however, we didn’t see him take part in a genuine activity that frequently. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t mean he’s powerless. Truth be told, Aki is talented and strong in view of his agreements with the Fox, Curse, and Future Devil, which makes him the owner of a few fascinating skills.

Revile Devil awards him the capacity to bring a nail-like sword which can cause enormous harm for the rival. In any case, the arrangement is that his life gets abbreviated while utilizing it. As the name recommends, Future Devil allows him to see a couple of moments into the future and plan his moves as needs are.


Power effectively turned into a major fan-most loved character. Like Denji, Power is a person with a profoundly upset childhood that is fortified here and there by a Devil. For this situation, however, she’s a Fiend- – a Devil who assumed control over a human’s cadaver. Power likewise has a correspondingly grandiose character, however seemingly considerably more hard to manage in a gathering.

She noisily proclaims her scorn for mankind however progressively gets used to Denji and the remainder of her Devil Hunter group and feels like she’s found a legitimate family, adjusting comedic help/grandiloquence with sincere person show.


Makima is a strong and all-knowing Devil known as the Control Devil. Control Devil is a baddie who has terrified the entire world for a really long time. She is incredibly shrewd and manipulative. For instance, she controls Denji with commitments to a heartfelt and sexual relationship. She generally takes steps to eradicate him assuming he defies her.

Makima additionally has colossal actual strength. That permits her to battle successfully close by to-hand battle without the help of any of her subordinates.


Denji is the primary hero of the series and is the most grounded character in Chainsaw Man. He functions as a killing evil spirit for the yakuza to take care of the obligation of his dad. However, after his combination with his pet evil spirit “Pochita,” he turned into a cross-breed Chainsaw Man Devil.

By pulling on the string rising up out of his chest, Denji can change into a murderous Chainsaw Devil. In the wake of changing, he can develop trimming tools from his appendages and heads and can cut almost anything in his scope.


She is Aki’s closest companion and crew part, and she’s developed tiredness over the course of the long periods of work as a Devil Hunter subsequent to seeing her accomplices pass on her.

Himeno then, at that point, proceeds to foster a significantly more profound relationship with Aki with the eventual result of adoring him. Their relationship develops so profoundly that she had been continual – in private- – attempting to figure out how to persuade Aki to stop the office for the good of his own. It makes things even more soul-pulverizing when Himeno kicks the bucket on account of the Katana Devil to safeguard him.


Pochita is a person that is continually present yet additionally behind the scenes, as he predominantly shows himself as a feature of Denji’s Chainsaw Devil structure. That being said, he’s no less fundamental to Denji’s personality development and an impetus for probably the most tragic minutes in the series.

The saving scenes where Pochita appears to Denji are utilized for the most extreme profound effect, everlastingly demonstrating the sweet and shrewd little dog villain is a dependable positive steady in the last’s life.


Quanxi is a notable Chinese fiend tracker and is quite possibly the most grounded character in Chainsaw man. She likewise has a moniker called “First Devil Hunter.”She has a degree of solidarity that Hirofumi Yoshida portrays as “past human capacity.” She is additionally a talented fighter.

In battle, she uses numerous edges, trading them out as they are annihilated by the power of her own assaults. When joined with her fast, she can slice through whole hordes of foes on the double. Quanxi became heartless in battle. She likes to toss her adversaries beyond the front line and cut down their numbers.


By pulling a trigger into her choker, very much like a projectile, Reze can make it detonate and change into a mixture structure. She can likewise play out a similar strategy, yet rather than simply changing, she blows her brains out and passes on a fake of herself to divert rivals from her. This imitation can hold her own head and send off it, then detonate like a bomb and furthermore her whole body before Reze is uncovered.

In her typical human state, she could skillfully incapacitate and harm a professional killer, totally marvellous him by encompassing him and placing him in outright predominance. Reze was one of the numerous youngsters taken by the USSR and set in an exceptional taxpayer-supported initiative to make devoted super troopers to the country.

Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil is a Primal Devil, those that encapsulate fears instilled normally into the human mind. As a portrayal of the feeling of dread toward dimness, the Darkness Devil is exceptionally strong, to such an extent that even Makima can’t overcome it.

The Darkness Devil has outrageous speed and strength, as it can dismantle and kill numerous individuals in a moment. Consistent with its namesake, it can gather dimness to wrap a region, and its gaze can make any being begin discharging blood.

Gun Devil

This Devil is an immense fiend with a firearm-like head and an arm that looks like an expert marksman rifle. He has unbelievable speed and is equipped for killing 1.2 million individuals in a short time across different nations. His speed was high to the point that he consumed bits of tissue off his body as he moved. Gun Devil can shoot projectiles with astounding accuracy and speed from different weapons that are important for his body.

As a result of his speed and power, Gun Devil can likewise discard his own tissue that looks like slugs. His power is significantly expanded when devils of any sort swallow lumps of his tissue.

Angel Devil

Angel Devil looks like a young lady yet is really a male person. He seems, by all accounts, to be very enthusiastic and loaded with life, yet actually, he’s incredibly lethargic, which holds him back from becoming more grounded. In any case, he’s sufficiently able to advance toward the rundown of the most impressive characters of Chainsaw Man.

She is difficult to comprehend due to his double character of a heavenly messenger and a demon. On one side, he accepts that people need to endure, however his holy messenger side causes him to have a hopeless outlook on their demise. His noticeable capacity is connected with life-range retention. By just contacting somebody, he can suck up their life. This retained life expectancy can additionally be changed over into a dangerous weapon. The more the life expectancy, the deadlier the weapon becomes.

Violence Fiend

At the point when summoned by the President of the United States, the Gun Devil’s body looks like a drifting humanoid figure with a few structures estimated weapons for arms, a roughly skeletonized body packed with immaterial shouting heads, and a curiously large firearm barrel distending from its skull-like face.

The Gun Devil’s head has all the earmarks of being the slide and barrel of a huge M1911 with the sledge missing. Any guns mounted on his back can’t be distinguished.

Santa Claus

One of the professional killers was sent after Denji. Presented as a German elderly person, it is subsequently uncovered that Santa Claus is an assignment for different individuals, the genuine body being a Russian lady alluded to as “instructor” by his understudy Tolka, whom he likewise transforms into a body for her. The educator has an agreement with the Demon Doll and can transform individuals into dolls under her influence, which turns out to be important for the brain of Santa’s hive.

She sanctions a plot to send Denji and a few trackers to Hell as penances to the Demon of Darkness in return for the ability to kill Maxima. She is crushed by a consuming Denji, and her psyche is obliterated by one of Quanxi’s darlings, the Demon of the universe.

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