List of Top 30 Movies for INTJ Types

INTJs are known as masterminds. They are constantly seen thinking of great ideas, optimizations, and improvements and are always ready to take on new challenges with a systematic and calculative approach. They also tend to see movies and tv shows from a critical mindset and have specific tastes and interests. INTJs have very sharp minds, they are quick learners in almost every field of work. They are not team-players, but they can get sometimes show brilliant leadership skills.

Types of Movies that INTJ Love to Watch

INTJs don’t focus too much on the emotional aspects of the movie. Their preference is mostly movies where the main character has specific goals. They love to see how the main characters work hard to achieve that goal. But on top of that, they want to watch movies that are complex and have various plot twists. They are not fans of romance and comedy, but if it is something that is out-of-the-box, then they will surely love to watch it. Movies that involve science, technology and psychology are something that falls into their interest zone. Let us look at the top 30 such movies that an INTJ should definitely not miss.

INTJ Cognitive Functions and Movie Interests

One of the most interesting things about the INTJ personality type is their use of cognitive functions. These functions help them to see the world in a different, more logical way than other personality types. While some people may find this view of the world to be cold or even heartless, INTJs are often able to use their cognitive functions to make persuasive arguments that can win people over to their point of view.

When it comes to persuasion, INTJs are very good at using their intuition to come up with creative solutions that other people may not have thought of. They are also very good at using their thinking skills to analyze a situation and come up with logical arguments that are hard to refute.

Dominant Function – Introverted Intuition – This allows them to view the world from intuition and not by facts. They are open to possibilities and try to learn on the go. INTJs are also not afraid of sudden changes. They have the capability to adapt. That is why they love movies where there is lots of uncertainty and challenges.

Second Function – Extraverted Thinking – This allows them to use their logical thinking to actually solve problems. This is also the reason why they love movies where the characters are solving a mystery, finding a solution, finding a truth etc.

Third Function – Introverted Feeling – Since this is a tertiary function, INTJs don’t often use it. This function allows them to align their feelings with their expectation. In the process of finding their own comfort, they have a tendency to lose sight of others’ expectations. Hence, they love movies where characters are independent, self-driven individuals who are trying to make their life better.

Inferior Function – Extraverted Sensing -INTJs use this function very rarely. This function allows users to understand the world. It is all about sensory pleasure and experiences, which does not spark interest for INTJs much.

Top Movie Genres loved by INTJs (Ranked)

RankGenre Name
#1Psychological Thriller
#3Cosmic Horror
#4Film Noir
#5Speculative Biology

Top 30 Movies for the INTJ Personality Types

Hollywood Movies – Top 30

SR. noMovie Name
1The Silence of the Lambs
3Batman: The Dark Knight
4The Social Network
5Fight Club
6The Matrix
7John Wick
8V for Vendetta
9The Prestige
10There will be blood
11I am Legend
14Life of Pi
15The Purge
16Doctor Strange
17Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
18Avengers Endgame
19Iron Man
20Pulp Fiction
23Wolf of Wall Street
25The Imitation Game
26The Shawshank Redemption
27October Sky
29Saving Private Ryan
30The Exam
This table contains a list of some amazing movies that INTJs should definitely watch at least once.

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