The MBTI® Types of Arcane Characters

Arcane is one of those rare shows that takes the world by storm as soon as they are released. The series seriously got some major hype. It is well-known for its complicated and attention-grabbing story, vivid visuals and really great bunch of characters.

It is one of those rare shows that are based on a game. Every character that we can see in this show has their own character development and responsibilities. They all have their unique personalities which make them stand out from others. These characters play a major part in developing a good and tight story.

MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a psychological study of the personality of people based on cognitive functions. MBTI includes 16 distinct personalities, including 8 introverted and 8 extroverted personalities. In this post let us look at the personality types of these characters and try to understand them from the MBTI perspective.

Arcane Characters and their MBTI types

Vi personality type


Vi is a very energetic and confident character. She is the sister of our protagonist Powder (Jinx). She is a tough and skilled fighter and capable of pinning down even opponents larger than her.

Vi carries a sense of responsibility within her and never backs down against injustice. She is protective of her family, especially powder and would go to greater lengths to provide a good life for them.

Vi cares for her friends and those who had always been an integral part of her life.

Caitlyn personality type

Caitlyn (INFJ)

Caitlyn is one of the major supportive characters from the series, always seen going through Vi’s emotions and able to understand her struggles.

She is a very determined person and prefers to go out on solo ventures in search of her questions. She is kind-hearted, but not as emotional as compared to Vi.

powder (jinx) personality type

Powder (ENFP)

So here I am referring to her as Powder and not Jinx because Powder is her real name and Jinx is more of like a slang placeholder. Okay, so this is our protagonist.

Initially, she is shown as a naive child who always messes up all the plans and is prone to take the wrong decisions in her life which impacts others as well as herself. All she wants is to be loved and cared for.

After a few years, she becomes more of an antagonist, taking sides with the criminals of the undercity. Personality-wise, she is cheerful and playful, not very bright though.

vander personality type

Vander (ISTP)

Vander is a protective father, always looking out for his children. He is quite a powerful guy who is skilled at hand-to-hand combat it is difficult to pin him down easily unless you got some superhero strength.

Not a very talkative guy, he knows how to deliver his statements through punches and fights. He always puts forth others’ needs and interests. Vander is definitely an ISTP character from Arcane.

silco personality type

Silco (INTJ)

Silco is the primary villain from the series Arcane. He is a very cold and calculated individual who always has robust plans to keep himself on track and away from his enemies.

Surprisingly, despite being an INTJ type, he is shown to be very manipulative and risk-taking. It’s not like his plans succeed every time, but he has that tenacity to go the extra mile if the situation demands it. Deep down he cares for powder and people in the undercity.

viktor personality type

Viktor (INTJ)

Viktor appears to have a longing for power and understanding. This fascination and need to chase these ideals often leads him to break the rules. He is hopeful, seeing his knowledge and technology as a way to enhance people’s lives and save them.

Viktor ardently believes in the potential of science & magic to make the world a better place. INTJs often think about possibilities and improvement, and Viktor is a true example.

He is so determined to discover everything science is capable of that he pays no attention to politics or anything else that doesn’t involve the theoretical possibilities of Hextech.

jayce talis personality type

Jayce Talis (ENFJ)

Jayce Talis is a personable individual who sometimes lacks awareness, yet always has good intentions. He is willing to go above and beyond to help people achieve their goals.

Even though he is one of the most influential and well-respected characters in Arcane, there have been many instances where Jayce has done things that harmed his likability.

Jayce can be a very good leader because he has that aura and capability to understand people’s emotions. This is the reason why he is an ENFJ.

mel medarda personality type

Mel Medarda (ENTJ)

Mel is a resourceful and manipulative person, able to convince and control people to her benefit. She cares for Piltover and wishes to see it thrive, but she is also very analytical, and can often be reluctant to support radical or rash solutions to problems.

From an early age, Mel showed a natural talent for politics. Her dedication and political skills allowed her to rise up the political ranks of her clan, becoming a member of the Council of Clans.

mel medarda personality type

Heimerdinger (INTP)

Heimerdinger is a scientist who wishes only the best for people and has a passion for encouraging curiosity, exploration, experimentation, and innovation.

Although he is moralistic and believes no science should be able to endanger innocent lives, his unpopularity among other council members is due to his wisdom and “slow and steady” views. Primarily he is driven by logic when trying to make decisions.

mel medarda personality type

Ekko (ENTP)

Ekko has a very tactical personality and he is an incredibly good fighter. He used to be very close friends with Powder during their childhood.

In the show, he has continuously shown his bold yet analytical attitude. He is a very supportive guy who always thinks through situations before acting. However, he is dangerously active and spontaneous, which makes his opponents shiver.

Ekko is an excellent ENTP character.


I hope you liked reading this wonderful list of MBTI of arcane characters. All of these characters really brought life to the show and it is always worth it to try to understand their personalities.

By running this blog, we strive to perfect ourselves in what we write and whom we write for. That is why we appreciate it if you put your ideas in the comment sections so that it helps us improve the article and plan for more compelling content.

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