10 Popular INFJ-T Anime Characters That You Should Know

There is no scarcity of INFJ characters in anime. But we mostly forget that there are two types of INFJs – Assertive and Turbulent. There is a slight difference between these two types. Assertive anime characters are the ones who are dominant. They have very good decision-making skills. They are very bold and calculative. This makes them risk-takers. On the other hand, INFJ-T anime characters are submissive, think multiple times before taking decisions, and avoid conflict. These characters require lots of data to make decisions.

That does not mean that these characters don’t have the calibre to perform great. They can sometimes baffle the audience with their on-point analysis and judgement. They act as very good supporting characters and are able to impact the overall story to a great extent. In this post, let us look at some of the famous INFJ-T anime characters.

Characteristics of INFJ-T Anime Characters

The word turbulent defines that these characters choose to compromise rather than fight. Turbulent means that they are not very decisive. They tend to go with the flow. Mostly they do so because they want to avoid conflict. INFJ-T anime characters are very loyal and capable of putting aside their ego for the greater good. INFJ-T characters have the tendency to go the extra mile by sacrificing their personal time and energy. They are submissive, but it does not mean that they are losers. They use intuition to understand the situation and act accordingly.

10 INFJ-T Characters from Animes

1. Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)

yuta okkotsu personality type

Yuta Okkotsu is one of the most powerful characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, and he has the potential to be even stronger. He’s incredibly strategic, always thinking ahead to anticipate his opponents’ moves. He’s also fiercely loyal to those he cares about and is always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect them, which is one of the striking features of INFJ-T characters. In addition, he has a strong sense of justice and is determined to fight for what’s right, even if it means sacrificing himself. All of these qualities make him an incredible asset to the Jujutsu Kaisen team.

2. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

nagisa shiota personality type

Another great INFJ-T character from animes is Nagisa. Nagisa Shiota is a student in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and one of the main protagonists of Assassination Classroom. He is a calm and collected individual, who rarely shows emotion. He is also very quiet and often speaks in a monotone voice. Despite this, he is actually quite sensitive and does care about others, even if he doesn’t show it. He also has a good sense of humour and can be quite sarcastic at times. Nagisa is an excellent marksman and assassin, able to kill targets with ease using whatever weapon he has available to him. He is notably more introverted and timid than his classmates; he thinks a lot more than he actually talks, and he calls himself “invisible” because of this.

3. Konan (Naruto Shippuden)

konan personality type

Konan is one of the original members of the Akatsuki, and for a time she is its only female member. She is also the lover of Obito Uchiha, one of Akatsuki’s leaders. Konan is a talented ninja, and her skills with paper bombs were second to none. She is also a powerful fighter, able to hold her own against some of the strongest ninjas in the world. In spite of her many strengths, Konan was ultimately defeated by Naruto Uzumaki, one of Akatsuki’s most fearsome enemies. Konan is a kind and caring person, but she is also a fierce warrior. She believed in her cause and was willing to sacrifice herself for it. Konan’s will was unbreakable, and she always fought until the end. This is why we lover her, and that is why I think she is a character worth to be included as part of this list.

4. Tsunemori Akane (Psycho-Pass)

tsunemori akane personality type

In the world of Psycho-Pass, Akane Tsunemori is the new face of justice. She is a young woman who has been tasked with leading the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. She is highly skilled and incredibly dedicated to her work. But what sets her apart from other members of the division is her compassion. While other members of the division are content to simply catch criminals and lock them away, Akane is determined to understand why they committed their crimes in the first place. She believes that everyone has the potential for good and that it is her job to help people find that potential – which is a trademark feature of INFJ-T anime characters.

5. Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

yuki sohma personality type

Yuki Sohma from fruits basket is one of the most popular characters in anime. He’s gentle, kind, and always puts others before himself. He’s also an excellent cook, and he’s always willing to help out others. Yuki is also always ready to help out, whether it’s with schoolwork or taking care of his younger cousin, Tohru. INFJ-T tend to be very influential and hence all of these qualities make Yuki a great friend and an excellent role model type of character.

6. Grisha Yeager (Attack on Titan)

grisha yeager personality type

Grisha seems calm and collected on the surface, but he is really quite headstrong and dedicated to whatever he feels strongly about. He also seems to be lacking in self-awareness, unable to see the consequences of his actions unless they are pointed out to him directly. A skilled doctor and scientist, Grisha is one of the first to discover the mysteries behind the Titans and their origins. His tragic backstory only makes his courage all the more admirable, and his eventual reunion with his son Eren is one of the most emotional moments in the series. Grisha best describes a turbulent INFJ.

7. Hiro (Darling in the Franxx)

hiro personality type

Hiro is one of the main characters in the anime darling in the Franxx, and also a popular INFJ-T character. He’s a young boy once hailed as a prodigy, but he loses his confidence after suffering a crushing defeat. He is a brave and determined young man who ultimately wants to do what’s best for those he cares about, even if it means making sacrifices himself. Hiro is very hardworking and devoted, as seen when he refused to stop piloting with Zero Two and when he spent all day and all night training in a FRANXX unit so he could fight alongside the other Parasites.

8. Riz (Beastars)

riz personality type

Riz is a supporting character in Beastars and the predominant antagonist of the Murder Incident Solution arc. He was previously a student at Cherryton Academy and part of the drama club. Riz seems like a kindhearted individual, and his classmates clearly loved and respected him. However, he has a dark secret that he’s hiding. Riz’s brutality is increased as the story progresses, with him willing to kill and intimidate anyone who discovers the truth about what he did. He cares little for the personal boundaries of others. Just like a typical INFJ-T, he is not quite decisive and has a turbulent overall personality.

9. Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)

kiritsugu emiya personality type

Kiritsugu is a pensive and conflicted individual. In his youth, he aspired to become a Hero of Justice and shield the vulnerable. He is often reminded of Shirley’s query about what he wants to become, and how she had faith that he alone had the power to change the world. He tries to maintain the belief that there is no distinction in sacrifice, that all life is equal and that choosing the path that results in fewer casualties is for the greater good.

10. Emiliya (Re:Zero)

emilia personality type

Emilia is a kind and vigorous girl who takes pleasure in looking after others, though she will sometimes downplay this fact, ascribing it to her own selfishness or something that anyone would do if they were in her position – even though that is often not the case. Emilia, like the other four Royal Selection candidates, has a powerful motive that drives most of her actions, whether they are rational or not. She is one of the most determined characters in re: Zero. She’s always striving to better herself and reach her goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. This determination is one of the things that makes her such a compelling character.


I hope you liked reading this list of turbulent INFJ-T anime characters. Please mention in the comments section which is your favourite character out of these. If you have any suggestions for this list, please feel free to mention them in the comments section so that we can add them to this list. We are always open to ideas and suggestions.

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