Top 5 Best One-Hand Gaming Keyboards To Buy in 2022

One Hand Gaming keyboards have lately become one of the most popular keyboard choices to buy. The reason is that these types of keyboards are very portable, have less weight and are very fun and easy to use. It also does not provide stress on both hands and it takes up less desktop space. People also buy two one-hand gaming keyboards so that they can use them for both of their hands and can use them apart at a distance. This type of keyboard does not have too many keys, it only has the important keys like up, down, left, right and other essential keys which are critically used only for gaming.

But many gamers are confused regarding which one they should buy and which one will provide them with the best gaming experience. Keyboards in 2022 are becoming costlier day by day and in such cases, gamer customers want to ensure that they are buying the best quality at the best price. In this blog post, we have covered some of the best options for one-hand gaming keyboards. This list has been carefully researched on amazon based on user reviews, comments and ratings.

Factors that determine the Best One Hand Gaming Keyboards

Before we go ahead with the recommendations, we need to ensure that we understand why a gamer might need a one-hand gaming keyboard. Although the primary reason is versatility, the below points should be considered while purchasing them.

  1. The first and foremost point is the number of keys and customization options. There should be as many keys as possible so that a hardcore gamer can optimize them. Every key can be custom set with its individual task and the placement of these keys should be such that they are easy to access in a fast-paced gaming environment.
  2. Secondly, the look and feel play a major role. The material has to be comfy and durable because gamers usually use keyboards at a hardcore level and they don’t want the keys to getting degrade very quickly also it should not give any mechanical issues in the initial years.
  3. Pricing should be considered too. A mid-price gaming one-hand keyboard would work for most gamers, but remember that the higher the quality, the better the gaming experience there will be.

So let’s go ahead and look at some popular keyboard choices which will benefit our gamer audiences.

Top 5 One-Hand Gaming Keyboards


Zebronics is one of the leading keyboard companies and here we have one of the best gaming products launched by them. The aesthetics of this keyboard is really amazing, considering its price of it. It provides you with a comfy wrist rest, a high-grade tactile feedback system, multiple options to customize the keys, and multiple LED modes. It is very portable, so it’s very ideal for people who are involved in the esports industry. Pair it up with a good gaming zebronics mouse and it will look very pretty with your gaming setup. This product has got very good reviews on amazon and many other e-commerce sites and the buyers are very happy with the quality and durability. Also, Zebronics is a very well-known brand in the field of keyboards, so buying this won’t be a bad choice.

HUO JI One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard

Huo JI’s keyboard has a very sleek and modern design. Not too sophisticated and not too fancy, it creates a complete balance. This product is very well known for its highest-quality tactile feedback which is one of the most important requirements for gamers throughout the world. RGB backlit and wide compatibility with different operating systems is one of the key factors that make this keyboard a must-buy. The pricing is reasonable and it also comes with a C-Type connector. One of the interesting perks of having this keyboard is its detachable palm rest, which is a magnetic product that you can remove and detach when you feel like it.

RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard

Redthunder products often have the highest rating and the highest customer satisfaction. This is because their products are of the purest and highest quality. This keyboard right here is known as a professional gaming keyboard, so it is used frequently in esports due to its quality and reliability. With an ergonomic design, RGB backlit and so many customization options, Redthunder’s one-handed keyboard is truly something that you should not miss buying in 2022. The design however is not so good, but with the given price tag it is more than enough that we could expect.

Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad with Analog Optical Keys

Razer keyboards are very popular in the market, but along with the popularity it comes with a higher price tag. This one-handed keyboard has pressure-sensitive feedback which ensures a quality gaming experience. Since it has 32 keys, it provides more customization and assignment options. Along with these, there is a comfy thumbpad which is almost omnidirectional (8 directions) and it gives a very good ergonomic experience. I know that the price is a little bit high, but the ratings and reviews for this product are very good so hardcore gamers should definitely try it out. It will be a good investment.

TREND-ASPIRE Single-Handed USB Gaming Keyboard + Mouse

This is even better because it also provides you with a gaming mouse. At a reasonable price, Trend-aspire provides you with a good gaming experience and touch-feel and comes with multi-platform support like all the older windows versions as well as Android, Linux and ios too. As usual, it has RGB lighting, with the mouse also having the LED light and function key assignments and customizations. If you are looking for a cheaper yet reliable product, then you can definitely try out this one.

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