Pikachu’s Journey: 15 Facts That Trace Its Rise From Snack to Superstar

Pikachu is one of the most iconic and beloved Pokemon in the world. It has been with us since the beginning of the Pokemon franchise and has captured our hearts with its cute appearance and electric personality. But how much do you really know about this yellow mouse-like creature? You might be surprised by some of the facts that we have gathered for you. In this article, we will reveal 15 surprising and hilarious facts about Pikachu that every Pokemon fan should know. From its food-based origins to its strange biology, these facts will make you see Pikachu in a whole new light. So get ready to learn more about your favourite electric-type Pokemon!

Here are 15 fun facts about Pikachu:

  1. Pikachu is a combination of two Japanese words: “pika”, which means the sound of electricity crackling, and “chu”, which means the sound of a mouse squeaking.
  2. Pikachu was originally based on a Japanese snack called daifuku, which is a round rice cake with a sweet filling inside. The only part of this design that remains is Pikachu’s dark ear tips.
  3. Pikachu wasn’t always the mascot of Pokemon. The original mascot was going to be Clefairy, but Pikachu became more popular.
  4. Pikachu has a special fondness for ketchup and even sang a song about it in one episode of anime.
  5. Female Pikachu has a different tail than male Pikachu. They have a dent at the end of their tail, which makes them look like a heart shape.
  6. In the Pokemon games, Pikachu is the only non-flying type Pokemon that can learn the move Fly through special events.
  7. In the anime, Ash’s Pikachu is male and very strong. He has defeated two legendary Pokemon: Latios and Regice.
  8. In Japan, Pikachu is so popular that it is considered to be the equivalent of Mickey Mouse. People often dress up as Pikachu to entertain children in public places.
  9. In 2008, scientists discovered a new protein that helps transmit electrical signals in the brain. They named it Pikachurin after Pikachu because of its fast and precise movements.
  10. In 2015, Niue released a one-dollar coin featuring Pikachu as part of a commemorative promotion for Pokemon. The coin had Pikachu on one side and Niue’s coat of arms on the other.
  11. In 2017, Japan launched two satellites into space with images of Pikachu on them. The satellites were part of an art project called PokeScrap that aimed to raise awareness about space debris.
  12. In 2019, Ryan Reynolds voiced Detective Pikachu in a live-action movie based on the Pokemon spin-off game of the same name. The movie was well-received by critics and fans alike.
  13. In 2020, Pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary with various events and collaborations. One of them was P25 Music, which featured artists like Katy Perry and Post Malone singing songs inspired by Pokemon. A giant balloon of Pikachu also appeared at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the 20th time.
  14. In 2021, Pokemon released New Pokemon Snap for Nintendo Switch, which was a sequel to the classic Nintendo 64 game where players take photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats. One of the features was being able to edit and share photos online with stickers and filters. Of course, there were plenty of stickers featuring Pikachu’s cute expressions.
  15. In 2022, Pokemon announced two new games: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet for Nintendo Switch. These games were set in an alternate timeline where humans never existed and Pokemon ruled over nature. Players could choose from three starter Pokemon: Flying Tera Type Eevee (a new evolution), Fire Type Growlithe (a regional variant), or Electric Type Pichu (the pre-evolution of Pikachu). Those who pre-ordered either game received a special Flying Tera Type version of Pikachu as a bonus gift.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Pikachu! 😊

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