About Us

Our Objective

The blog ‘animegoodreads’ is a way to express lots of information about animes in an interesting way to the readers. As the name suggest, our site contains information about animes that are good for reading. You will find tons of interesting content like list posts, character analysis, anime reviews, recommendations and some anime news and latest updates about animes.

How did the Idea of this Site Pop Up?

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic scenario and unstoppable surge in the number of positive cases in 2020, we were all confined in our homes, using sanitizers and other precautionary measures to prevent contracting this virus. I was pretty much bored as I had nothing to do for the entire day. Suddenly, the idea of creating a blog popped up in my mind but I was unsure about what to write about. I was trying to recall my ‘passion’ or ‘interest’ (which is actually very limited), and upon further thinking, I realized I can blog about my favorite anime series.

So I went to the free wordpress.com site and created my first blog. After blogging for almost six months, I was fed up and left it. But when I opened my analytics after 2 months, I found out that my blog was booming. I was inspired by my own free blog (for which I didn’t purchase a domain). After a few months of thinking, I finally decided that I will continue anime blogging, and this time, I will do it PROPERLY!

So yeah, now you have this blog in front of you and I have definitely improved upon my writing and research skills and had been continuously doing that daily. Blogging takes patience, experience and a good amount of tolerance. You also have to keep learning day by day, and since I love to learn new things, it has been an amazing experience for me.

About the Author

Hi friends, I am just another Tech Graduate, hailing from the land of culture, India.

I have created this website to create engaging content about animes that you will definitely like. I will try my best to create interesting posts all around the topic of anime that you will love reading. My content is tailored towards all the anime fans out there. I will try my best to make this site more interactive and user-friendly.

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