Top 5 Best One-Hand Gaming Keyboards To Buy in 2022

One Hand Gaming keyboards have lately become one of the most popular keyboard choices to buy. The reason is that these types of keyboards are very portable, have less weight and are very fun and easy to use. It also does not provide stress on both hands and it takes up less desktop space. People…

Are TypeWriter Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Typewriter keyboards, as the name suggests, are a type of keyboard that resembles a typewriter in terms of the shape of keys and the placement of the keys. It was invented especially for those people who had been very active writers in the past and have used mechanical typewriters throughout their life. Modern typewriter keyboards…

Top 10 GTA 5 Missions, Ranked

This is a list of the top 10 GTA 5 missions ranked based on a few factors like difficulty level & uniqueness. Please note that this is my personal list and you might not always agree with my choices. I have created this list based on my understanding and what I personally liked the most….

8 Things That Fans Hate About GTA V

It has been 10 years since I started playing GTA games from Rockstars and still I play them without getting bored. And I do think that GTA games are one of those that will remain etched into my memories for a lifetime. As a 10 year old kid (and even as of now), I loved…

Is GTA 5 inspired from GTA 4?

Many people know about GTA 5, that one freaking awesome and popular game by Rockstar games about the open world of Los Santos, Crime, Gangs and Heists. However, people might have not heard about GTA 4 that much. Gta 4 had always been under the shadows and rarely I have heard gamers talk about it….